Gambling attracts individuals from all walks of life. If you are a big-time gambler then you already know this to be true at heart. It is likely that you’ve encountered everyone from professional athletes to your average Joe’s at the tables. Whatever the situation is, there is also no denying that the past time attracts many degenerates as well. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of the bet or placing a thousand dollars on a single hand, as long as you have the money to cover the charge. That being said, it is sometimes the individuals with the most money like celebrities and professional athletes that bring a bad name to the hobby. Check out degenerates and you’ll see exactly what is meant by this.

Rick Tocchet

Professional athletes make huge bucks, but that doesn’t mean they all spend them wisely. Some are known to drop thousands of dollars on wild hands and bets, while others will invest in failing restaurants. The real ugly truth of the matter is that it isn’t just a select few athletes either making bad bets or getting involved in the sports betting world. It seems like the majority of them are getting involved in it. And, not all of them are getting involved in the betting side. Former right-winger Rick Tocchet is one of those individuals. Instead of gambling on games, he becomes a financial backer. This guy was using his oodles of money to cover lost bets while also taking a share of the profits. Simply put, he was praying on the weak like a loan shark. Unfortunately, he was eventually found guilty for the activity.

Terrence Kiel

If you are a big-time visitor of sites like result hk, you’ve likely heard the story of Terrence Kiel more than once. Here was a talented guy with tons of money and prospects who let his gambling habits get away with him. In fact, they got so bad that he had to result to smuggling codeine-based cough syrup from a San Diego pharmacy to Texas in order to supplement his income. The package was intercepted in the mail by the San Diego authorities and this is when Terrence was picked up. It turned out that he owned tends of thousands to local casinos.

LaMont Jordan

It’s not unheard of for an average individual to write a back check here or there. Heck, you can walk into any gas station and you’ll likely see a whole wall dedicated to people that have written bad checks. However, this is not something that you would expect a professional NFL star to do. Unfortunately, that is exactly what LaMont Jordan did when he was sued by the Mirage for owing $20,000 back in 2009. Despite his big-time NFL earnings and notoriety, he still found himself in trouble with the law.

Gilbert Arenas

Most people remember when Gilbert was suspended from the league for pulling a gun on his teammate Javaris Crittenton. However, most people don’t know that it was because he owed him money for gambling. Apparently, Arenas owned Javaris a boatload of gambling debts and wasn’t willing to pay up, or didn’t have the money to pay up.