Jerry Richardson sold the Carolina Panthers in the off-season after many incidents of inappropriate behavior emerged involving the founder of the franchise.  

According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL is concerned that there might be other teams with similar issues, including settlements that were not reported to the league similar to what happened on Carolina.

Jerry Richardson could just be the tip of the iceberg…

โ€œThere is real concern that Jerry Richardson is the tip of the iceberg. With obscenely rich and powerful and aggressive people like NFL owners, there can be a commonness of not only acting in a brutish and entitled way, but also, simply, of being able to pay people off when they try to speak out. Needless to say, Richardson has no monopoly inside the membership on having engaged in outdated behavior. I think there will be other cases. The league fears there will be others.โ€

You think?  There have been photos of at least one high profile owner with younger ladies in the past.  

To think that there isn’t another team in the league that has had similar incidents would be ridiculous.  To think the NFL is trying to do the right thing here is too.