As a roulette player, you can get most of your gameplay only when you work on your roulette strategy. Sure, there are several systems some promising big wins instantly. But there is no such thing as winning right away unless you struggle for it. Each system comes with its strategy, level of difficulty, and determines your betting amount. Besides, you should pick a roulette system not only to boost the chances of winning but also to manage your bankroll and to help you choose a series of bets to accomplish your goals. 

The pendulum system is one of the best strategies used by gamblers. A player called Charles Wells back in 1891 invented it. It is as powerful as it sounds but yet a little bit difficult to understand. But don’t worry, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Pendulum system. However, note that it takes time to perfect any strategy, so be patient. Furthermore, test the game on a demo in Vulkan Vegas casino online with no real money to familiarize yourself first and see if it is working for you. 

How Does the Pendulum System Work in Roulette? 

Charles Wells went on to surprise many gamblers in 1891 with his tricks in roulette. He managed to con an investor the first time he played at a casino in Monte Carlo, where he bet £4000. Within 11 hours, he won 1 million francs and had broken the bank 11 times. 

To break the bank during those times was considered as winning more than what the bank had. Luckily for this guy, he managed to do so about 20 times before his tricks got the better of him and got imprisoned. 

However, note that Charles did not go to prison because he was “breaking the bank” more than once in a few spins. It was actually because of his fraud activities. 

Everybody wanted to know about the success of Wells. Some even went to the extent of hiring detectives to try and figure out these tricks but it was all in vain. The truth is that Wells used the pendulum system. It is similar to the Martingale system (will be explained a bit further). 

Wells gave an example of a swinging pendulum, whereby you have red on one side marked 1 to 10 and black on the other side with 1 to 10. What you would expect is the black to swing to red then to black and then red again to black as every colour is hit.

However, in the real world, this is nearly impossible as one colour would be hit more than the other. For instance, black can be hit 7 times while red only 3 times in about 10 spins. The pendulum could then register 4 for black and another hit will make it to 5 times. If it hits two times on red, then the pointer would go to 3 for the black side. 

Like the Martingale system, once you place your bet on an even number and you win, you have to reduce your bet in one unit. If you lose, then you have to increase the bet in one unit. For instance, if you had bet 10 units for one spin and you lose, you will have to bet 11 or more for the next round. If you win with the 10 units, you will reduce your amount to 9 units. You can go on until you get the desired win. 

Wells suggested 145 units as his bankroll and increased his bet whenever he lost and reduced one unit when he won. He also considered his session to have ended if the stake fell to zero or increased to 20.

So When Should You Use the Pendulum System on a Roulette?

It depends on the player and his desired wins. However, remember that there are several types of roulettes and not each one of them will work well with this system. But you can try one of the following roulette systems:

    • Fibonacci mathematical sequence: It is the most deal for advanced and intermediate players. 


  • Anti Martingale System: Players increase bets after wins and reset the stakes after a loss.


    • D’Alembert: It is a safe strategy for beginners where the player increases bets after every loss and decrease after winning.


  • Labouchére: Requires a lot of maths, and players who want to win a certain amount. It also involves high risks but can lead to big rewards. 


Final Thoughts

Roulette, with the right playing strategies, can lead to huge rewards and can be fun to play. Before you use the Wells pendulum system to play roulette, test it first in the free mode on any online casino. And if it works for you, then you can try it for real money but use the lowest money possible. However, do not go overboard or you will end up devastated like Charles Wells.