Whenever there is a hyped boxing match, bookmakers report a beehive of activities. From the days of Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson’s dominant matchups, Floyd Mayweather and Terence Crawford’s stunts, bettors have always loved boxing.

While the fact that favorites win most of the time is a big reason why punters love the sport, experts believe there is a strong connection between the two activities. Below we explore this connection deeper to find out what is it about two men throwing punches at each other attract bettors so much.

Boxing is Authentic

Boxing, MMA, and running are a few of the most authentic sports to date. Unlike football or basketball, these sports play out in the same manner from generation to generation. In boxing, the goal is to punch each other until one person is knocked out.

There are no yellow cards, offside rules or VAR to ruin the authenticity of the sport. Compared to foods, boxing is what Paleo is to people who love healthy foods. It is sports like our ancestors did it. On the other hand, authentic sports draw you closer to the action like no other can.

The sport inspires you to imagine what you would do in that situation. You begin to act as if you were the professional, which further gives you confidence that you won who will win the match.

The Sport is Technical

Boxing is authentic for sure but it’s as technical as the next sport. Inside the ring, boxers don’t just throw punches in random. Listen to professionals talk about their sport and they may spit jargon words you never thought existed in boxing.

Bettors love technical sports. They are easy to research on and predict. With boxing, the authenticity, technicalities and other factors make it even easier to predict for some. The best boxers know when to crouch. They can read their opponents quickly, defend themselves and throw match-ending punches.

The best thing about boxing’s technicalities is that not many people know about them. If you are a bettor, this means you could see certain skills in a player that bookies didn’t put into account. Except for main events, a boxing betting specialist will find value odds on almost all major bookmaker sites.

Boxing Pushes Athletes to their Limit, and bettors Love that

Fans love sports and competition that push athletes to their limit. Sometimes it comes at the expense of broken bones, a bloody nose, and torn gear—but this is the stuff that creates diehard boxing sports. You want to see your favorite athlete deliver their best no matter what come may. And if they can promise that, you’ll probably be prepared to back them in a bet.

With most sports, competition is just like any day at the office. Footballers play and at the end of 90 minutes, they exchange jerseys and go home chatting. Baseball players could play two games in a day and still not feel tired. But put two boxers in a ring. If they are both good, the match is usually so intense that someone goes straight to sleep or to the hospital.

Boxing sounds extreme but it is this nature that inspires the kind of avid support it gets from fans. For comparison, check out all other competitions where something valuable is on the line. The football world cup final, NBA playoffs, MMA main events, and baseball wild series.  

When there is an important match and players are likely to give it their best; bookmakers record a high number of bets. For boxing fans though, every match is a good time to test your boxing knowledge with a bet. Claim a 1xbet signup offer 1xbet signup offer to help maximize your wins and minimize losses.

Great Boxing Stories

Boxing created some of the world’s best sports-themed movies. From the classics like Rocky to thrillers like Million Dollar Baby, millions of boxing fans loved the sport after watching a movie. Casinos worldwide have also been tapping on this popularity by providing boxing-themed slots.

There are hundreds of more boxing stories that wouldn’t interest even people who hate the sport. And while this doesn’t directly lead people to bet, it evokes a special kind of love for the sport. Naturally, we all to be associated with people like us. Grass to grace stories inspires everyone. And because there are so many of them in boxing, bettors feel inspired to wager on boxing as opposed to regular sports.

Gives Bettors the Illusion of Control

Sports bettors love enjoyable sports but they also cherish matches they can predict correctly. Boxing has both of these elements. However, you have to be good at betting on the sport to succeed. Since boxing is technical and there’s lots of data to work with, you can easily make correct predictions.

Despite this, people still make wrong predictions. Not that they are bad punters but boxing brings out the element of surprise every other time. You’ve probably witnessed this before. No matter who’s playing, fans of either boxer believe their player will win.

Most boxing bettors back their favorite boxer simply to prove they know the sport well. There is an illusion of control or knowing what will happen in boxing. In reality, many bettors end up losing.

A lot of Money is involved

At the end of it all; what bettors care about the most is that they win money. And unlike most other sports, boxing odds promise lots of cash. Just like the boxers who make up to $100 million per bout, you could turn a $100 Vegas bet in $10,000 if you back the right player.

In the past, there were few bookmakers that supported boxing beyond Vegas. These days, most online betting sites support boxing matches. So, if you love the sport and would want to test your betting tests, you have lots of bookmaker options.

To Conclude

As other sports change rules and introduce new technical aspects frequently, boxing has remained as it started. Two men face off in a ring and the one who takes more punches loses. It’s violent and bloody at times but it’s one of the most thrilling sports out there. Boxing is also technical and comes with great odds that would make any bettor want to wager on.