The 14-time major champion hasn’t won a Ryder Cup match since 2010, and that won’t stop him from trying to snap that streak on Sunday. While Tiger’s at play, the gossip rags never stay away. 

The latest comes from the Daily Mail, who several times throughout the article, quote the number of infidelities at 120. 

Yes, 120 times. 

Via the Daily Mail

Nor, to her credit, does Erica bear comparison with many of the 120 women whom Woods reportedly admitted bedding when he underwent treatment in a Mississippi sex addiction clinic in 2010. But even for a man who betrayed his wife perhaps 120 times, maybe more, it seems there is redemption.

With commendable kindness, his ex-wife Elin — who earned a psychology degree after the divorce — has forgiven Woods, and they are now said to be on good terms, sharing custody of the children to whom he is, by all accounts, a devoted father.

120 is like peanuts for how many opportunities Tiger must have had. I’m curious as to who came up with the 120 mark? 

This is just more of the latest of Tiger gossip. He wins one tournament and everyone is back sniffing his jock. 

Including us