Tiger Woods has reportedly docked his luxury yacht in the Hamptons for the US Open this weekend.. Worth $20 million, Privacy is a high-spec vessel and will reportedly be used as a place to relax when Woods competes in the US Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Tiger thinks staying on his boat might just help him in the tournament. It was tongue in cheek, but Tiger really likes his Yacht, and who knows what goes on after hours for the 14 time Major Championship winner. 

 “Yeah, staying on the dinghy helps,” Woods said, jokingly. “There are a few guys this week who have said it’s taken them from the hotel 2½ to 3 hours and there’s a good chance that someone might miss their (tee time). You get a little traffic, maybe a little fender bender, and it’s not inconceivable someone could miss their time.”  

With Tiger and his Yacht, you have to like his chances to break his major drought. His odds are looking good for the US Open, and you can certainly bet on him having a great place to rest his head.