Former NFL running back Tiki Barber is getting into the booming marijuana business.  He recently launched an investment firm to back young marijuana and cannabis startups.

The goal of Barber’s new investment firm is to help the startups navigate through unfolding legal regulations.  

While doing an interview on his new business venture, Barber said that the NFL drug tests were easy to beat.

Via FOX Business:

Former New York GiantsOpens a New Window. running-back-turned-entrepreneur Tiki Barber says despite the NFL’s tough policies surrounding marijuana use, back when he played the game the league’s tests were easy to beat.

“We always used to call it like the ‘dummy test’ because you know when the test is going to happen so just be clean and as long as you’re not in the program you can probably get away with it even if they technically know that it’s happening,” Barber told FOX Business.

Is it safe to assume Tiki was enjoying some of the chronic during his playing days?  Maybe he can give a few pointers to the young guys in the league today, especially the guys who repeatedly get busted.

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