Spears, longbows, and rifles – all are used to aim at long-distance targets since ancient times. This is not an easy task. But now, with modern weapons, long-distance shooting has become more exciting. Here, you must keep two things in mind. 

The first is hitting the target, and the second is covering a long distance. Below, few tips are mentioned that will polish your skills, and you will be able to shoot with perfection.

Tips to improve long range shooting skills

Know your guns

If you wish to be a good shooter, you must know your guns. Trying different guns can be fun and exciting. In the range, you get opportunities to use new guns and polish your skills. But, if you want to refine your shooting, you must know all the ins and outs of your weapons. 

Spend time and keep practicing for better shooting. Always carry your safety gear like eye and ear protection.

Try to be accurate

Hitting the target must not be your sole aim. You have to focus on hitting near the same margins repeatedly. Once you get your margin, try to shoot near that line within a few inches. This may sound easy, but when you try to do it practically, it’s tough. 

Shooting accurately should be your goal if you want to enhance your shooting skills. 

Pulling the trigger

The way you pull the trigger impacts your shooting. You must understand all the techniques regarding pulling the trigger. Only then you can shoot without thinking twice. You must stay firm while pulling the trigger. 

Jerking the firearm or quick wrist movements will lower your accuracy. You will also find some best shooting guns for accurate long-range shooting. You can search for the top choices for 1 6x scopes on the internet and select the most suitable one.

Correct your posture

The way you stand while shooting also affects the result. When you are at the range, you must take the perfect shooting stance. For example, you must keep your feet apart about the width of your shoulder. If you are a right-hand shooter, keep your left foot a bit forward and your right foot a bit backward. There are many other stances for you to master in order to shoot better.

The right attitude

Shooters usually overestimate their abilities as soon as they start getting better at shooting. This is a very wrong attitude. You must stay humble and down-to-earth. Acknowledging that you have many things to learn from others will enhance your adaptive skills. 

Always follow the advice of your trainer and more experienced shooters. You can never be too perfect to learn new things.

Go step by step

Learning to shoot is more like learning to plan an instrument. If you rush, you will miss the details. Being a better shooter is not a competition. You must take sufficient time to practice and learn all the details; otherwise, you will end up with a limited understanding.

Dry fire practicing

Before you go to the range, make sure that you have done dry fire practicing. Empty your firearm before you start practicing. Use a dummy if you need to set your target. 

During this practice, you will not get disturbed by the gun noise, so the only things you should focus on are your posture and your trigger pull.

Keep practicing

Practice makes a man perfect. Indeed, if you want to become a better shooter, you must keep practicing. Practice with different guns to understand their difference. You may not see any instant improvement but do not lose hope. 

All the best shooters in the world have been practicing for a decade. So, stay focused and keep shooting.

Keep it interesting

Shooting with the same technique day after day can be boring. So, always keep your sessions interesting and fresh. Changing your techniques and weapons will bring something new to your practice. You will get to learn and master new things. 

Thus, your sessions will be exciting and new every day.  

Know your limits

Everyone has their limits. Over-practicing can actually have negative impacts. You must understand when to wrap up after hours of practicing. When you overdo it, you keep making the same mistake repeatedly and get frustrated.


Getting better at shooting takes time. You must go to the range every day with full energy and a positive mindset. With dedicated practice and a strong focus, you can improve your skills and become a perfect long-range shooter.