Everyone’s MVP Tom Brady has revealed that his Mother is ‘doing really well’ following treatment for cancer. Galynn Brady, 72 years old, was told she had an aggressive form of stage 2 breast cancer and underwent several surgeries and several months of chemotherapy. 

The New England Patriots quarterback  told People: ‘She’s such a wonderful woman and she’s been so positive through it all and we’ve been so proud of her.’

‘She’s doing really well,’ Brady said. ‘I think any family that has dealt with cancer realizes the challenge it is not only at that moment, but as it continues to be.’ ‘I think she’s got so much appreciation for the people who have supported her,’ he added.

‘We’ve been so proud of her’: Brady spoke about his mom’s health while promoting his new book. He’s pictured in New York last week. 

In an interview with the NFL Network last October, Galynn spoke about how she and Tom ‘FaceTimed a lot’ while she was undergoing treatment.

‘Losing my hair was hard for me. Because losing to hair to women, that’s who you are. I’d have my bandanna on and he’d say: ‘Oh Mom, you look beautiful, you look so beautiful’,’ she said.

Wishing Mrs. Brady a speedy recovery. Tom is always doing and saying the right things, just another example of him being the All-American good guy, except of course when he got caught cheating by deflating footballs. Other than that, a stand up guy.