Tom Brady is showing his kids the way.  

The Tampa Bay Bucs Quarterback and Gisele Bünchen finalized their divorce over the weekend. Several reports illustrated that Tom took his kids to the movies to ease the pain. Brady and Bündchen will share custody of their kids. And Brady took his kids to a food bank in Port Charlotte, Florida, to of course, help people in need.

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A source told People that Tom Brady, Benjamin, and Vivian attended Operation BBQ Relief, a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need. During the weekend, Tom Brady and his kids served and delivered food in a home park in Englewood and North Port, Florida.

“Tom wanted to teach his kids about the importance of community service,” the source commented to People.

Before visiting the food bank, the same source also commented to People that Brady planned a weekend with his kids, even after the divorce from Gisele Bünchen became final. 

“He is always happy when he is with his kids,” the source commented.

“The kids have slowly been getting used to spending separate time with Tom and Gisele. They lived separately for months.”

“When the kids are with Tom, he tries to make it fun with various kids’ activities. He is a very involved dad. You can tell that he loves being a dad,” the source mentioned.

Tom Brady will live in Tampa Bay while continuing to finish out the season with the Bucs.  However, his kids will move to Miami with their Mother.  A four-hour drive will separate Tom Brady from Gisele’s home. 

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