Jaylen Brown is hoping for the best. 

The Boston Celtics superstar may have ended his professional relationship with Donda Sports, but Jaylen Brown doesn’t believe Donda Academy athletes should be left out in the cold. After allegedly losing $2 billion worth of deals in days, Kanye West has returned with an apology, albeit a half hearted one. While this may be a good look for some, the fallout from West’s recent remarks has affected others under his umbrella.

The Donda mogul recently explained that he now knows what it’s like to have a knee on his neck, a direct reference to George Floyd who lost his life in a similar circumstance. West initially stated that Floyd wasn’t the victim of former police officer Derek Chauvin but instead died of a fentanyl overdose. That anti-Black Lives Matter talking point was debunked in court during Chauvin’s trial.

Amid the controversy, West’s Donda Sports and Donda Academy are now up in the  air as far as if they will continue to operate. Several professional athletes parted ways with Ye’s sports agency amid his anti-Semitism scandal, and later, it was learned that the rapper’s private school was shutting down. News circulated that the curated basketball team was removed from a tournament because of West’s behavior, but Jaylen Brown doesn’t believe that is a fair move.

Brown recently shared that he’s no longer working with Kanye, but that doesn’t mean that students have to suffer. The Boston Celtics star took to Twitter to share a series of observations about these young athletes who will miss opportunities due to West’s antics.

“High school Students are potentially getting there scholarships pulled for there affiliation with Donda are we serious?” he questioned. “To any HS basketball coaches & event coordinators, These student athletes can’t be negatively impacted by this. I will sponsor any event existing or new, willing to host Donda Academy We all must ensure they complete their senior yr both academically & athletically. Contact me.”

Brown added, “We do not cancel our kids.”

After a bit of behind-the-scenes work, Brown returned with a more positive announcement for Donda Academy’s basketball team.

“It’s important resources are provided for these student athletes not taken away. shout out to @Morehouse for opening their doors to host the Donda Doves’ official1st basketball game of the season. I need everyone in Atlanta to show love and support! I’ll be in attendance.”

Brown also provided more information on how the public can continue to support these young athletes.

Check it out below.

Props to Jaylen Brown for helping out these kids. 

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