10 Incredible Facts about Football

The beautiful game of football is one game that can be said to be loved by people from all over the world including chubby black women. It is a game that transcends political rivalry and social class. This game might be very popular. However, there are lots of facts about it that remain unknown. While it is impossible to have all the facts about football on one page, every football lover should know the top ten facts about football.

1. Football Is the Most-Watched Sport

Although football is popular in certain parts of the world and not so popular in some other parts of the world, according to research, it is enjoyed by about half of the world’s population. In addition to being the most popular sports on the planet, football is also the most-watched and the most played sports.

2. Fastest Goal in a Football Match

The fastest goal ever scored in a football match was scored by Ricardo Olivera from Uruguay. This goal was scored in 1998 and is a record that is supported by video evidence.

3. World’s First Professional Football Club

In 1857, the world’s first professional football club was established. This club was an English club and was known as Sheffield Football Club. It was founded by Major William Priest and Colonel Nathaniel Creswick.

4. The World Cup Is Dominated by European Teams

Apart from two world cup finals, at least one team from Europe has participated in every world cup final of the game of football. The two years no team from Europe took part in a final of the world cup were 1930 and 1950.

5. The Size of Football Has Remained Constant

While there have been lots of changes to the design and color of a football, for a period of 120 years, the size of football has remained unaltered.

6. Football Almost Made It to the Moon

The first man to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong almost took a football with him to the moon. This move, however, was not supported by NASA as they considered it to be un-American.

7. First Black Footballer: Black Women Dating

Up until the 1800s, no person from the black race ever took part in the game of football. However, this record was broken by Arthur Wharton

8. “The Beautiful Game”

Brazilian football legend, Pele was the first person to refer to football as “the beautiful game”.

9. Soccer

The word “soccer” was first used by England. It came into existence after England shortened “Association Football” to “Assoc Football”. Although it appears there is no relationship, in the 19th century, the “-er” sound was usually added to words that were shortened.

10.An Entire Football Team Was Once Killed by Lightening

The entire members of a football team were killed by lightning in 1998. This unfortunate incident occurred in Congo when a match between the villages of Basangana and Bena Tshadi was on.