It’s not easy to distinguish the most popular athlete since so many talented basketball players are on the stage! 

The most highly rated sportsmen move through the National Basketball Association, break the records, and get insane achievements. However, there’s still the first for the honor to call himself the best player. The modern world is such that popularity is measured not only by achievements, but also by the number of subscribers in social networks. So, who’s on the top basketball players list at the moment?


Kobe Bryant, 9 Million Followers

The athlete spent 18 seasons of his career in the Lakers team, which was always under the scrutiny of basketball lovers and fans of online sports betting. Bryant has become not only a star of the court but also impressed Hollywood with his talents. The athlete finished his sports career in 2018, and produced a film, “Dear Basketball,” which eventually brought him an Oscar. His sudden death in 2020 shocked the whole world. We wish we could see more of your amazing achievements, Kobe!


Kevin Durant, 11.3 Million Followers

Durant is considered a living legend and the best basketball player of the 21st century. He came to the industry being a thin and tall boy, but has almost immediately gained a reputation as the “vehicle for receiving scores”. His fans adore Kevin since, despite the popularity he got, he still remains a simple guy who helps others a lot instead of basking in luxury. Besides playing basketball, Durant is really keen on charity: he builds new courts all around the country and sponsors talented students. A worthy role model!


Shaquille O’Neal, 12.6 Million Followers

Shaquille O’Neal stopped playing basketball around ten years ago, but he still remains incredibly popular among sports and film fans. Besides his fascinating NBA career, he has shown himself as a great actor and singer. Nowadays, Shaquille works as a sports analyst on one of the famous channels and sometimes plays his own DJ sets. And this is another proof that a talented person is really talented in everything!


Kyrie Irving, 13.2 Million Followers

This athlete is the youngest on your list – by the age of 27, he had already managed to make a dizzying career, becoming a world champion of Olympic Games and in NBA. Irving has become even more famous when he acted in a Pepsi advertisement, where he played an old guy who outperforms his young counterparts in a basketball match.

Michael Jordan, 18.4 Million Followers

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of this basketball star, and you definitely know him even if you are not keen on sports. Since his first season in NBA, Jordan became the favorite player and win hearts of millions. So, it’s not surprising that after many years, he still remains on the top of all ratings. Michael got a nickname “Air Jordan” for his perfect jump, which is still his main distinguishing feature. After finishing his career, Mike became the first athlete to purchase a basketball club, “Charlotte Hornets”. 

Of course, he made a huge part of his fortune thanks to advertising – the world’s largest brands, such as Nike and Coca-Cola, and he’s on the Forbes list with his 1.7 billion net worth.