The passion for sports games will always be up there and retro games bring in a beautiful nostalgia whenever you run into them. But them, despite being old, some of them are even better than the newer versions. So, what are the top retro sport games made before 2000?


There are more Madden retro games and it is hard to decide which one is the best. Each version had its own special thing that made the difference. For example, in the 1992 version, the ambulance would drive on the field when someone was injured. It used to kill anyone in front of it before getting to the player.

Then, in Madden 1994, developers got an NFL license. Madden 1996 was the best option in terms of features. While quite old, games were extremely well balanced. The game play was also realistic with lots of modes and features.

WWF WrestleFest

WWF WrestleFest was based on a previous version of the game – WWF Superstars. If you played the previous version, the new one was a massive upgrade. You had lots of new moves, as well as a wide variety of wrestlers to choose from – including Hulk Hogan.

The best part about this game was the fact that developers failed to take it too seriously. Some of the graphics were silly, while controls were super simple. While other developers try to come up with better versions overtime, nothing compares to the original.


Outrun was quite simplistic – nothing really changed, apart from the scenario every now and then. The racing game was quite spectacular though. You did have a few options in cars, but they all looked pretty much the same.

However, the feeling of speed was quite good. It dominated the market when it came out in 1986. Plus, you had blue skies and a beautiful girl as you started the race. Other than that, you only had to look at the horizon as you drove by – simple, but good.

Street Fighter II Turbo

Released in 1992, this is one of the best rated games in the street fighting series. The game brought in a plethora of different characters, but you also had some good moves – how many times have you tried getting the perfect dragon punch combo?

The game is regularly released for sale and it was even part of an anniversary collection. You can still find some versions of it while looking over retro games download website. While it does not feel the same, it can certainly trigger some nice feelings.

Sensible Soccer

Released in 1992 for old fashioned computers, this game was the best football option out there. Kids today can only imagine Pro Evo and Fifa, but back then, things were different. You had to choose between the exquisite passing game Sensible Soccer and the weird shots available in Kick Off.

From many points of view, Sensible Soccer was much better. Moreover, the passing system was so well put together that it almost feels like it set the foundation for Barcelona’s modern tiki taka style. Unlike modern games, the old school style involved going up and down to reach the goal, rather than left and right.

As a short final conclusion, any of these top retro sport games made before 2000 will bring in some good memories in those who enjoyed their childhood in the 1990s. Sure, the retro game industry goes further and many other good options came out later on. The only difference is that the above mentioned options are responsible for starting trends and establishing connections to more advanced games.