Buying gifts for someone who’s passionate about something can be tricky. Golfers, for instance, seem to have covered everything related to their golfing needs. There’s a good chance they already possess all the essential golfing accessories, so you’ll have to come up with creative ideas to buy something golf-related that perhaps they’ve yet to acquire.

But knowing golfers, they’ll probably be thrilled to receive any golf-related gift. Be that as it may, here are a few gift ideas for golf enthusiasts that might just surprise them:

1. Free-Standing Putter Trainer

This helps golfers evaluate their putting form. Incorrect angling of the putter can be tricky to avoid, but with putter trainers like this, the player could correct that issue. A free-standing putter trainer can teach a golfer how to angle the putter correctly to hit the ball to where it needs to be. Putters like the S7K putter could be a great gift.

2. Golf Hat

Compared to shirts, golf hats are easier to buy for an avid golfer. Most brands have one-size-fits-all hats. You can choose one with a bold design and lettering, although that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Some golfers appreciate golf hats that don’t shout ‘golfer.’ It would depend on the gift recipient’s preference, of course. Just make sure the hat is light and breathable, something a golfer can use while out on the golf course. 

3. Golf Bag

Wear and tear on a golf bag can easily be seen, so you can tell if the golfer in your life needs a new one. But it’s important to know how the gift recipient plays. Do they prefer to ride a golf cart or walk from one hole to the next? Do they travel a lot? Will the new golf bag be their main one, or is it going to be a backup? You can get the humongous bags that the pros use, although that might be overkill. 

If you know that the person goes on golf trips from time to time, you might want to shop for a golf travel bag that’s perfect to go on planes.

Two smiling athletic women golfers wearing sportwear and sunglasses walking on golf course at sunny day

4. Golf Shoes

Before anything else, keep in mind that this may be a risky gift. Get the size wrong and you’ll get blamed for blisters. But if you get it right, you’ll be a superstar in the recipient’s eyes. 

To avoid the worst-case scenario, you should ask questions first before ordering a pair from your favorite online store. The golfer probably has a favorite brand or a preferred golf shoe style. The choices for different golf shoe styles and brands have increased, so it can be overwhelming to check all of them to check all of them. Asking before purchasing anything would help you narrow down your options.

5. Golf Socks

If you aren’t keen on getting a golfer a pair of golf shoes, you might want to consider golf socks. Get one of those comfortable compression socks. Anybody who engages in an activity that requires a lot of walking knows the value of having comfortable socks on their feet.

For a golfer, an aching pair of feet is one of those things they’d rather not deal with while on the golf course. Often, the simplest solution is to change socks, particularly compression socks similar to the ones used by runners. They’re now gaining popularity among golfers, too. 

6. Golf Balls

These are an easy choice as a gift for golfers. Unless they have a sponsor, golfers will always need golf balls. Perhaps you can take a peek inside their golf bags to find out their brand of choice. Gifting them with an expensive set probably isn’t the best idea since they can be particular about the golf balls they use, which depend on their style of play. A lower-spin ball might suit them just fine.

It would be great if you had an idea of certain details about the golfer’s game, such as their swing speed or handicap. That way, you can better determine what type of golf balls are best suited for their style. If you want, you can even put customized inscriptions on the balls. Many online stores offer that option.

7. Golf Sunglasses

Another great gift for golfers is a nice pair of sunglasses. Especially during the summer months, this is a necessity. A pair of golf sunglasses typically has a frame that’s made of lightweight materials and is minimal around the lower part of the lenses. This is a feature that helps golfers see the ball better. Sunglasses with a thick frame could interfere with a golfer’s vision.

The lenses should also be able to filter out blue light; lenses like these allow golfers to see the white ball better against a green background. Yellow or brown base colors on sunglasses are ideal for golfing.


Golfers usually have all the equipment and accessories necessary for an excellent game of golf. However, it wouldn’t hurt to gift them with items they might need. Anybody who’s passionate about something will always appreciate gifts that are connected to their passion. That’s true for any hobby enthusiast, including golfers.

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