The case between former NFL Atlanta Falcons rookie Torrey Green and six women who have accused him of sexually assaulting and raping them while they were all in college continued for a second week in Utah.

When allegations that Torrey Green sexually assaulted the women became public more than two years ago (after he signed a NFL deal), Torrey Green denied that he did anything wrong years prior. His attorneys, during the second week of his trial, launched his defense for all to see, beginning by questioning the Logan police detective who first looked into any complaints against the star athlete, and whom didn’t find anything to charge him with then, until he made it into the NFL.

Detective Kendall Olsen – who investigated the original claims back in 2015 – shockingly said on the stand, 

What?!?!?! Did we hear that correctly?!?!?! 

Although back in 2015 Cache County Prosecutor Barbara Lachmar had not found enough evidence to charge Torrey Green with any crimes, said she still wanted him to “sweat it out” before declining the charges against him! 

What type of Prosecutor does this? 

If someone is innocent and you are not filing charges against them, the professional thing to do is of course to simply inform them, not make them “sweat it out” for whatever reason you personally may have against them.

Besides this shocking remark in court, other witnesses who took the stand today included women who had previous relationships with Torrey Green, yet were never uncomfortable with him, even describing him as “Gentlemanly” to the jury.

The jury also had to sit through statements debating whether Tinder is a “hook-up app” or one for serious dating, and whether some of the women accusing Torrey Green of the crimes went over to his place very late at night for romance (one girl admitted to cheating on her boyfriend with Green) or for something else.

The trial continues, with closing arguments on both sides scheduled for later this week or early next. 

Whether Torrey Green is innocent or guilty, we sure hope the full truth comes out, and anyone acting unethical on either side is held accountable for their actions!

In other news: We are a few weeks away from the Super Bowl in Atlanta… Who you cheering for?!

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