Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer is now saying he’s going to be more responsible while using Twitter. 

Bauer reportedly harassed a college woman who called him her least favorite athlete.

The pitcher has now decided to take a step backward online and use Twitter more responsibly in the future.

Nikki Giles, a senior at Texas State University, told USA TODAY earlier this week that she “cried daily” after the exchange began Saturday night when she jokingly posted that Bauer was her “new least favorite person in all sports.”

Bauer, also in jest, responded: “Welcome to the fan club ”

That would begin a back-and-forth that included Bauer going deep into Giles’ timeline.

Giles also was targeted with offensive messages by Bauer’s followers.

“I do not encourage any of my fans, followers, or friends to attack, insult or harass anyone on any social media platform, or in real life,” Bauer wrote on Wednesday. “There is no room for that in the world.”

Bauer mentioned Giles in 80 different tweets, while Giles mentioned Bauer 20 times in tweets.

Giles tweeted Wednesday that she had heard Bauer apologized but hadn’t read his comments yet.

“I don’t have the energy to hold a grudge and I don’t have room in my heart for hatred,” Giles told USA TODAY Sports. “So, all is forgiven and I hope everyone moves on. And I hope the situation reminded people to be kinder and gentler, especially when you’re someone with a lot of influence on a lot of people.”

Check out some pics of Nikki Giles below: 

You would think a professional athlete would have better things to do than bully someone online. 

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