Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman spoke to reporters about he concerns he has for his former team ahead of their Week 1 matchup with the Panthers in Carolina.  Naturally the Hall of Famer turned FOX Sports analyst, is concerned with the new group of receiver.

But not because Dez Bryant is no longer on the roster.  According to Aikman, the Cowboys won’t miss Dez.

Via the Star-Telegram:

“The Dez from 2017 I don’t think they will miss at all,” Aikman said during a conference with local reporters leading up his broadcast of Sunday’s season opener between the Carolina Panthers. “No matter who they got coaching the receivers. I don’t think Dez was threat for most, it not all of last year. When you get one on one looks, no matter who you are as a receiver, that is what you are looking for as a quarterback. And if you can’t beat defenders one on one then you simply can’t play in the NFL.”

Shots fired!  Aikman just threw some major shade at the free agent pass catcher.  He seems to say he can no longer play in the NFL.  Expect Dez to fire back.