Tyrann Mathieu is the first of the Kansas City Chiefs to speak out on Tyreek Hill’s child abuse case.  He also is one of the newest players to join the team, he signed earlier in the off-season as a free agent.  

Mathieu called the situation “very disappointing.”  He was hoping to get a close up look at Hill playing football and admitted he didn’t really know the talented receiver, but says the audio and the things that are out are all disappointing.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I think it’s bad, man,” Mathieu told Alex Gold of SB Nation Radio. “Obviously, it’s very disappointing. Obviously, I came to the Chiefs with hopes that I could watch him play football and watch him run back punts and catch long bombs and outrun everybody. You know, it’s a very unfortunate situation. I haven’t been his teammate much, just basically two or three weeks. So it’s not really fair for me to comment on his character. I don’t think I really know him. But like I said just with everything that’s out right now and obviously the audio, it’s very disappointing, not only from a teammate standpoint but I’m a father as well. It’s very disappointing.”

No kidding it’s disappointing.  Mathieu already went down the road a little bit, he should have just called it like it is.  Hill is a bad dude.  There’s enough on 10 seconds of that audio clip to understand that much.

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