Todd Frazier hit a walk-off home run to end Game 1 of a doubleheader on Thursday against the Marlins.  The moment went from awesome to bizarre when he reached the plate and umpire Tom Hallion was standing there waiting.

Frazier slowed his trot before stepping on the plate face-to-face with Hallion, who didn’t move.  After the rubber ball trick he pulled, Hallion must have been making sure he touched the plate.

Or perhaps the umpire is just an ass and isn’t a fan of the Toddfather for comments like these.

Either way Frazier blew the perfect opportunity to absolutely smoke an umpire.  Instead of slowing down to prevent running into the umpire, he should have gone from a jog to a full sprint and lowered his should on the ump, or at the very least fired his helmet at him.

Get out of the way, the game isn’t about you.  The ball went over the fence and stepping on the plate is just a formality at that point.  Nobody would care if you missed him stepping on the plate.

This umpire should be suspended.