Reports came out last week that Cam Newton’s shoulder rehab was progressing and he was even throwing footballs overhand.  Around that time a quick video showing the Panthers quarterback throwing a short pass was leaked.

The leaker tried to say that the video was from 2016, but according to The Charlotte Observer, the signage in the background of the video was placed there in 2019.

A five-second video of Newton throwing, which appeared to be shot through the practice field fence by a Carolina Panthers fan, circulated briefly Thursday afternoon on Twitter. The poster walked the tweet back later that evening after the Observer had confirmed that Newton was indeed throwing overhand, saying the video was from 2016.

But signage on the fence in the background of the video matches the signage placed there by the Panthers in 2019.

The Observer asked Ron Rivera about the leaked footage and it turns out, the Panthers head coach is not a fan of the snooping.

“Somebody came in and took a picture, which we really don’t appreciate because this is private property,” said Rivera after the Panthers’ organized team activities workout.

“Again, he’s going through the process of his rehab program. At some point, he’s going to have to throw the football. It just so happened that the other day, he did. And as I said, somebody came in a took a picture, which we really don’t appreciate the snooping on what we’re doing around here.”

We get it Ron, you want to control the information that gets out.  Why not give an update saying Cam’s started throwing overhand then?  That would take care of some of the snooping.

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