Referee Ken Mauer assessed the Warriors a delay of game warning before tipoff for taking too long with the ceremony. Nick Young spent extra time laughing and joking with teammates and waving to the crowd.

“Very fitting to get a delay of game giving a ring to Nick,” said Warriors forward Draymond Green, who presented Young with the ring, after Friday’s 120-114 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. “He actually caused it doing all his little waving and stuff. But it was great. I’m really close to Nick. To play with him that year was amazing. I wish he was back.

“But that was a good moment, and obviously Nick’s been through a lot in his career, and for him to get that ring meant a lot to me for him. So I was thankful to be the guy presenting to him. I’m happy he was able to make it here to get the ring because that’s something special that nobody can take away from him.”

Warriors star Stephen Curry said he was “surprised” the team was assessed the warning from Mauer.

“The last two years, we’ve had probably five or six of those celebrations, and it usually spills over,” Curry said. “I wish he would have just given it to Nick Young because he was taking his sweet time, for sure, as he should have. But probably more just entertainment for everybody, [Mauer] trying to get the game started. But we did take a long time, for sure.”

Young seemed to be enjoying the moment, telling reporters before the game that he was happy to be spending time with his kids in his year away from the game. He said he would be interested in coming back to the NBA if a team on the West Coast called and he could stay close to his family.

I wouldn’t count on it. 
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