ESPN put Paul Pierce in a no-win situation on Friday night during a segment called “Truth Serum.”  NBA Countdown host Michelle Beadle asked Pierce if he or Dwyane Wade was the better NBA player. 

Pierce, of course, picked himself and made the argument that he would have five or six rings if he got to play with Shaq and LeBron like Wade did.

“That’s easy, that’s me.  If you give me Shaq, if you give LeBron.  If you give me these guys early in my career.  You give me these guys at 24-25 and I would be sitting here with five or six championships easy.”

Twitter wasn’t as understanding of Pierce’s no-win situation and went in on the former NBA player for his hot take, via BroBible:

DWade even got in on the action:

Give your kids an extra hug tonight before you put them to bed, it’s a cold, cold world out there. 

Again, I don’t blame Pierce for his take.  I’m not sure what he’s was supposed to say, but I do know professional athletes don’t like to admit other players are better than they are, even when it’s obvious.

This was a setup by ESPN.

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