Colin Cowherd spent some time on his show on Friday taking shot after shot at the Cleveland Browns.  He also made claims that Odell Beckham Jr. is unhappy he was traded and doesn’t want to be in Cleveland and called Baker Mayfield a baby.

“I can tell you I have this as well sourced as I can have it on Odell Beckham.  He didn’t want to go to Cleveland!  He wanted to go to LA.”

FOX Sports tweeted out a portion of the segment and Baker Mayfield, who isn’t necessarily a fan of Cowherd’s, responded to it.  He told Colin to come to Cleveland to find out:

“Come to Cleveland and ask O if he actually likes it. Just because you say you have a source doesn’t mean you’re not full of BS. And while you’re at it… come see if I’m a baby… #10ToesDown”

Mayfield appears to be ready to go another round with Cowherd.  He already went on his show last summer and dragged the host around his own studio.  Some people just don’t learn their lesson.  After dragging Cowherd around the studio, Mayfield went out and proved him wrong by having a great rookie season.  This is a fight Cowherd needs to give up on, because he has no shot of winning it.

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