Is Kevin Durant healthy enough to play in the NBA Finals?  Will it even matter if he plays, or are the Warriors better off without him?  

According to Warriors owner Joe Lacob shed some light on this controversial subject. 

Via The Athletic:

 Lacob: ‘He’s coming back now for the Finals’

“I don’t know if you forgot so quickly how in the first round, and the second round, and how everyone was saying Kevin was the greatest player in the world and he was dominant,” Lacob said. “So he was incredibly important. Unfortunately, he got injured. He’s coming back now for the Finals, and so the story’s not fully written yet.”

That’s the first we’ve head of anything that sounds like a confirmation from Golden State that Durant is “coming back for the Finals.”

Of course a statement from a eam owner in the aftermath of a Finals berth doesn’t qualify as an official injury update.

But it sure sounds like we can expect Durant to show up for the Finals.

Or at least the owner thinks so. 

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