Danica Patrick is a retired race car driver. 

Not much else to do but to stay in shape. 

And she always takes her routine straight to Instagram, and let’s just say, her intense workout habits are very impressive. 

 Take a look below: 


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Sizzle session. 😆 Lower body today, so I did this… For time- 10-20-30-20-10 Weighted step ups DB cleans DB squats (11:45, and I used 15’s) . 4sets x 10reps Sumo squat #70 DB deadlift 2 #50’s Leg press #115 . Def don’t be afraid of weights. You can change the size of your body with cardio (yes, I noticed that everyone else was on a cardio machine, it might of been their cardio day or maybe they just don’t know what to do with weights, or MAYBE they are afraid of weights?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️all that said, they are in the gym and it’s a saturday👏🏼), but weights are going to change the shape of your body. Plus it’s good for your coordination, flexibility, strength, and bones. The truth is – diets help you lose weight and resistance training changes your body composition. Cardio does help with calorie loss but it breaks down your existing tissues leaving you soft and skinny fat🤦🏻‍♀️…. Lifting weights builds lean muscle tissue. Weight training burns more calories than cardio. 💪🏼 💥

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Patrick’s next gig will be at next month’s Daytona 500.

She’ll be broadcasting, and I guarantee she’ll be the most in shape person there.

Which may be why Aaron Rodgers is a big fan. 

Check out more pics of Danica below:  

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