Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or just an occasional viewer, there’s no way you can deny that the NFL is the best major sporting league of all. The pre-game celebrations, game analysis, the world-famous week 2 schedule analysis, the on-field action, and of course the fans make it better than any other league in the world. And getting to enjoy it in person is an experience of a lifetime.

There are certain things you can do to improve your NFL game experience. Always arrive early at the stadium. Not only will it help you beat the traffic and the crowd, but you can also settle down before the game starts. If you reach earlier than you scheduled, you can surf through www.strafe.com, look for the betting odds against your team, and can even place a profitable bet if you get a good promo code. Getting back to the NFL, you must always be respectful of the other fans. Always keep in mind that they are there for the same reason as you. So don’t do anything that can ruin their experience. Lastly, if you are carrying any snacks or drinks, don’t forget to pick up the wrappers and clean up the seats. 

NFL vs Other Leagues

The NFL is the most liked professional league in the USA. The NFL also has the longest seasons compared to any other league and its games are still the most watched in the history of sports broadcasting. Other professional leagues like the Major League Basketball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL) are close competitors but the popularity and fan following alone make the NFL the most liked game of all.  Also, along with having the most regular games per season, it has the second-longest season of all following the MLB. In terms of in-game attendance, compared to other sports, the NFL has the highest average attendance than any other sport in the US. The stadiums are larger and have higher crowd capacity than any other. The reason behind this is that the stadiums are built in major cities with high populations.

The NFL is a more fulfilling experience than any other sport due to multiple reasons. Longer seasons, high-frequency matches, more opportunities to watch your favorite players play, and loyal and supportive fans are the major of all. It is most certain that you want to improve your NFL experience. Here are some tips to follow that will improve your experience and make it one of the most memorable experiences in your life. 

Arrive Early

Arriving early at the game will give you time to set things up, get some food and drinks, and settle down before the game. The best part of arriving early in an NFL game is tailgating with your friends and partners before the game starts. You can also enjoy a quick bite before heading into the stadium.

Reach before Warmups

Reaching before or at the time of warmups will give you an up-close view of your favorite player warming up before the game. It is also the best time for the players to try to relax before the game. Who knows they might be in a really good mood and come up to you to interact, take pictures and give their autographs as well. Also, the pre-game proceedings of the NFL games are the best all over the world. So there is no way you must miss out on it. If you have the chance, experience it at least once in your lifetime.

Try Different Sections of the Stadium

Watching a live NFL game in a stadium is a dream itself for a lot of fans. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have multiple tickets or passes for different games, you must try sitting in every other section of the stadium. Sitting in different parts will give you a different view from different vantage points. Also, you might find out if you prefer sitting close or far away from the action. The best advantage is that you can make a note of which side offers the best view and make sure to get a ticket on that stand the next time. 


Whatever happens, don’t fail to make memories. The NFL is the most popular event and it is almost sure that you will make unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to enjoy each moment. You don’t know when you will witness a flying one-handed catch, a perfect clutch in the final moments, or a record being broken.