Successful athletes are usually strong and resilient people who know well what self-control and discipline are and how important reputation is. These people are looked up to; they are set as an example; bookmakers even offer bonus bets. But, sometimes, there are exceptions to the rules – sports achievements for some athletes coexist with drugs, brawls, mugging, or even murders. We invite you to read about athletes who have been prosecuted.

Mike Tyson

The Mike Tyson case has become one of the most high-profile cases in the recent history of American sports. The athlete has been in trouble with the law since childhood. He had already been a member of a street gang and often got arrested by the age of ten.

He met Muhammad Ali and fell in love with boxing in a correctional facility. So at the age of 13, he managed to find a way to move energy into peaceful courses. Tyson became the youngest world heavyweight champion in history at the age of 21.

The boxer was charged with rape in 1992. He denied all the accusations but received a conviction and six years in prison. He went out for exemplary behavior three years later. Tyson went to prison again in 1999, this time for several months. He beat two people after a road accident. In 2001, he was again charged with rape, but this time the prosecution had no evidence. In addition, Tyson had problems with drugs, drunk driving, and doping tests.

  1. O.J. Simpson

Orenthal J. Simpson was a famous American football player in the United States, starred in films, and performed on television. However, he gained scandalous fame after the death of his wife Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Simpson divorced his wife in 1992, but the couple stayed in touch because of the children.

Two people were brutally murdered in the former home of O. J. Simpson in June 1994. They were killed with Simpson’s knife. A bloody glove with traces of athlete’s and victims’ blood was found in his garden. Despite the evidence, he was acquitted. It is noteworthy that Simpson’s lawyer was Rob Kardashian – the father of Kim Kardashian.

Lionel Messi

Messi found himself at the center of a tax evasion scandal in 2013. In 2016, a Barcelona court sentenced the super successful Argentine player to prison for up to 21 months. His father received the same term.

According to the investigation, Messi’s father and the footballer himself created an offshore company in Uruguay, through which large sums of money were withdrawn. In total, they didn’t pay four million euros of taxes. At the same time, the footballer claimed that his father was in charge of all his financial affairs. Lionel Messi petitioned to reconsider the sentence from a prison to a fine. His request was granted.

Jennifer Capriati

Tennis player Jennifer Capriati has shown great promise since her youth. She became a professional at the age of 14. Then Capriati won three Grand Slam tournaments, was the first racket in the world. She won gold at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in 1992.

But, as often happens, early fame and big money didn’t benefit her. In May 1994, she was arrested for herbal drug possession. Jennifer Capriati was barely 18 years old. In addition, she was caught shoplifting several times. Although, she didn’t feel the need for money.

Dennis Rodman

Legendary basketball player Dennis Rodman had numerous problems with the law. This happened for the first time in 2003, when the athlete, known for his extravagant behavior, was accused of rape by a 39-year-old American woman. However, the evidence was insufficient, and the court acquitted him. At the same time, the charge of rape was not the first for the sportsman.

In addition, Dennis Rodman was arrested on domestic violence charges in January 2003. In the same 2003, Rodman was prosecuted for the fact that he drove the boat, being dead drunk. And he was sentenced to 104 hours of correctional labor and three years of probation for unpaid alimony in 2012.

Diego Maradona

Recognized as the best footballer of the 20th century, Diego Maradona is known for his extravagant behavior.

Diego Maradona’s brilliant sports career was interrupted due to his addictions. He was disqualified for a year for using cocaine in 1991. And a doping test showed the presence of five prohibited drugs in his blood in 1994. Four years later, Maradona was sentenced to three years probation for firing at the paparazzi who annoyed him in a country house. Furthermore, it was revealed in 2001 that Maradona owed Italy 40 million euros in taxes. 

Sometimes fame breaks a person – not all celebrities can always look good and control themselves.