E-liquids are among the hottest subjects at the moment. The world’s society is divided on the matter. Some experts claim vaping is harmless – others say it’s potentially dangerous in the long run. 

There are many investigations underway as the exploration of e-liquids continues. Both the FDA and CDC encourage specialists and scientists to report any possible respiratory sickness cases related to vaping. 

This approach isn’t meant as an outright attack on vaping but as a means to better understand the connection between any reported sickness and any particular low-quality, unregulated vape juice or any other substance that might have caused it. 

Vaping is extremely popular these days, with more and more consumers coming into the fold. Because of that, it’s only natural that people want to know everything they can about the best vape flavors they’ll be using. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the facts we know about e-liquids so far and why good quality control matters so much.

What are the Common Issues with Lower-end, Unregulated Products? 

The opinions on vaping are divided. Some research reveals that vaping isn’t the best friend of your immune system, simply because of the presence of nicotine and other chemicals found in a lot of commonly available cheap e-liquids. For people to vape, they need vape juice and a vaping device. The device heats the juice until it starts to vaporize, allowing you to inhale the vapor. 

These vaping devices are designed to look like a cigarette, a thumb drive, or a pen and are convenient to carry around and use regularly. Many people vape to get rid of their smoking habit, but the problem with vape juices lies in the trace chemicals found in some e-liquids. 

These chemicals include nickel, chromium, lead, and a range of other metal-like elements like arsenic. According to some studies, many vaping devices have these chemicals and heavy metals because the coils let them off as they heat up the vape juice. In other words, these are a byproduct of the cheap materials used for the coils in lower-end vape devices. 

These trace metals’ content was higher in the e-juices of users who changed coils more often – so a lower quality coil that has to be changed out more frequently can be blamed for some of these claims. 

Why Is Quality Control so Important for Vape Juice Brands?

There’s also some evidence that various low-end vape juice flavors can be potentially harmful to individual consumers. 

According to some research, vape juice flavors can become harmful when combined with other vape juice ingredients and heated. Therefore, it’s safe to say that vaping may affect more than just your lungs. 

We can also safely say that vape juices aren’t harmful by themselves. It’s the heating from the vaping devices that activates the chemical ingredients in a way that is simply unpredictable and can have harmful effects on the human body.

What’s Next

The thing about vaping and vape juice flavors is that they appeal to younger generations. It seems that young people are simply attracted to vaping, regardless of whether they have smoked before. 

Because of that, governments feel like there’s a need to conduct more research to help determine the overall harm from vaping. And, while the industry’s leading brands are forced to be careful with e-liquids they have been manufacturing, many homemade vape flavors present a real danger to the public.

It’s now more than clear that you should avoid unregulated manufacturers and homemade vape juices as these can introduce potentially harmful substances into your lungs. 

Why You Should Consider Getting Top E-Liquid Subscriptions

Suppose you really want to start vaping, or you simply want to know what you’re vaping. In that case, we recommend that you turn to the most trustworthy vape juice manufacturers that clearly and transparently showcase the ingredients in their e-liquids. One of the best ways to do that is to prescribe to the best e-juice subscriptions.

E-liquids subscriptions allow you to receive a reliable delivery of the best vape juice flavors on the market without leaving the comfort of your home. Get insights from the best manufacturers and vape retailers that offer only top-quality products with stringent quality control. 

Choose from a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly e-juice subscription and create your personalized list of the most popular vape juice flavors. These subscriptions not only ensure that you’ll receive top-quality e-liquids, but the whole deal – the necessary vape gear, vape mods, and the entire starter kit, including all additional products you need to get into vaping like a professional. 

Choose the subscriptions that directly cater to your vaping needs, select your vape juice from thousands of different flavors, and get the best products to support your own, individual style of vaping. With e-juice subscriptions, you won’t have to think about the quality of your vape ever again.

Final Thoughts

When you’re considering buying any product, having a variety to choose from can make a huge difference. The same goes for vape juice flavors. Since there are so many to choose from, the best way to wisely narrow down your selection to top quality is to use the internet’s power and get the best e-liquid subscriptions regularly. And the best thing about it – you will receive your favorite products in less than a week.