Whenever a new FIFA version got released, it took the crowd along and nobody seems to be talking about the older versions anymore.

However, the wave seems to leave quite some players behind; of course, they have their reasons for staying back, and out of respect for those that chose to vibe along with older FIFA versions, I believe it isn’t fair enough, not to discuss those older versions anymore.

However, this is just it, and even I, get carried away by that same new wave to the latest version, and I noticed that it is a bit harder for anyone to talk about previous versions such as FIFA20, FIFA19, and the rest when there are dozens of new features worth fantasizing about on ’21.

If you choose to stay back with the previous FIFA, then I’ll be telling you quite a few features so you may consider upgrading to the latest FIFA.

FIFA21 is the best version of FIFA ever and I bet you’ll agree with me and accept an upgrade after going through some of the new features and fixes I have for you just below.

More Customizations to Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team is all about making every segment of your gameplay at your mercy, and now with FIFA21, you have complete control over everything.

You can customize not only your stadium but everything in it, right from the seats, crowds, banners, goal music, and a lot more. 

You’ll find about 125 stadia on FIFA21 but all wouldn’t be equal to what you choose to design yourself.

New Gameplay Features

We’ve witnessed the addition of new gaming features on FIFA20 and just like any other release, FIFA21 comes with even more features and improvements.

Maybe you’ve wanted to dribble just like Bernardo Silva and you’re just limited on the previous FIFA. With FIFA21, the agile dribbling feature will make you do just that.

Creative runs, Natural collision system, positioning awareness are other features worth checking out this season.

You can testify with the way in which players tend to abuse pace, dribbling, shooting by overpowering in the previous years. With the latest FIFA, this is no longer an issue.

Player Animations

For every year, EA kept moving steps further to providing perfected gaming experience and one of the fixes we’ve sighted is on the side of player animations.

It is obvious how unnatural players look when tipping their legs backward when they’re about making a pass before, but EA has done a great job this time by streamlining the animation to make it look more realistic. 

It is the Trend

FIFA21 is the new trend and ever since its release, everyone is upgrading so they can have a feel of the latest features and improved gaming experience because there surely would be obvious improvements with every new release, and the previous version immediately becomes obsolete.

Final Thoughts

FIFA21 is not only the new tone of the day but considering the height of improvements, I must say it is also the best version ever.

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