A wide variety of slot machines selection is crucial for any reputable casino, both land-based and online. It could be challenging to find a less complicated game. No wonder then that slots are appreciated all around. But it’s not wise to underestimate the simple lever-pulling game, especially if you want to get something more from the experience.

In it to win it

When you’re looking for a moment to spend on something light and fun, there isn’t much you have to worry about. After all, that is the basic idea of entertainment: just sit back and enjoy. 

On the other hand, we play games to win, whether it is to turn a profit or for the sheer sake of personal satisfaction. Although it may seem like all slot machines operate in a very similar manner, and there is very little to know about them, one should not give up so easily.

The very first principle to get to know is the house edge. It’s a mathematical advantage the casino has over the players. There are different calculations for each game, slots included. Clearly, the idea is to pick machines that give the best winning odds. This is where the Return to Player (RTP) concept comes in. It is based on a statistical rate of payout and represents a percentage of players’ wagered money that a slot gives back to them. RTPs can be as low as 75%, but it is possible to find machines with 96-98% value.

Naturally, what we want is to find games that score high on the RTP scale. Even the distinctions of a couple of percent can make a huge difference. Online casinos usually have RTP data available. In any case, such information should be easily accessible online for any slot game.

Something extra

There are many promotional bonuses that websites sometimes give out to encourage people to choose their offer. Among the most popular ones are loyalty points and prizes, free spins no deposit deals, additional spins, matching first deposits, and other bonuses upon depositing funds. Of course, being able to spin the machine a few times before processing any payment can be an inspiring incentive. Just as having more funds to work with from the start should make it easier to win big. 

However, in the long run, the way casinos take care of their long-time customers is also fundamental. If you are dedicated to a particular website, you’d like to receive occasional bonuses and freebies, as well be a part of a valuable loyalty program.

Something special

Despite the basic concept of a game, there are various types of slots. They could also have some additional features. It usually includes a fixed number of free spins triggered in certain circumstances and extra bonus rounds. Free spins are just as good as they sound and should be eagerly welcomed by anyone. Special bonuses may vary across different games, but they generally offer a chance of potentially substantial prizes. It just depends on how often they appear in a game session.

Then there is a question of slot machines that offer instant jackpot payment when particular conditions are met. Unfortunately, it isn’t too easy to do, and those games are too expensive to get real profits out of them. Especially progressive jackpot slots are not recommended to beginners and players with limited playing funds.