Golf is losing more and more popularity with each incoming generation and is currently not showing signs of making a comeback. A decade ago, it was still safe to say that golf was a hot sport, with pro golfers like Tiger Woods always in the limelight. However, with each passing year, golf courses are seeing fewer and fewer players hitting up the fields.

There are a lot of reasons for the decline of golf players. For starters, golf is expensive. The membership at the golf course, combined with the equipment, clothing, shoes, and other things that you have to invest, can rack up to thousands of dollars every year. Unfortunately, not a lot of people can afford to play. And the people that can are generally more interested in other more “fun” sports.

The Rise of Dog-Friendly Golf Courses

To get more people to start playing golf again, courses are always looking for new ways to attract both old and new golfers. Things like discounted rates, night golf, and quick nine-hole games are just some of the things that golf courses do to get more customers.

Another trend that more and more golf courses are picking up on is becoming dog-friendly, meaning players can bring their furry friends with them as they play. And because a lot of golfers also have pets, it’s looking to be an effective strategy to keep the tee sheets full.

Do you want to bring your dog along with you to the golf course? Here are some things that you need to know:

What You Should Know About Bringing Your Dog to Golf

Bringing your pet to golf is not the same as bringing them to the park, even though the setting is quite similar. If you plan to bring your furry companion with you, here are some things you should take note of:

1. Check the golf course policy

Most golf courses allow players to bring their service dogs with them to the fields. But for regular dogs, make sure to check with your club’s policy. Carefully read the rules, requirements, and guidelines about bringing your pet to the course so you can stay safe from club penalties.

2. Make sure your dog is well-behaved

No dog is perfect, but ensure that your dog can stay well-behaved while on the course. Golf courses may require you to keep your dog on the leash for the entire game. But if yours doesn’t, make sure your dog won’t disrupt other players if you plan to keep them unleashed. Remember to always be considerate. No matter how charming or friendly your dog may be, other players may not be comfortable with having an unfamiliar dog approach them.

Consider enrolling your dog at an obedience school if you haven’t already. In this way, you can easily command them to sit, quiet down, or stay near you while you’re playing golf.

3. Keep your pet well-fed and well-hydrated

Before and while you play golf, keep your dog fed and hydrated. A hungry or thirsty dog may become fussy and distract you and other players from the game. Feed your dog before you hit the course and bring a pack of treats and some water with you.

4. Clean up after your dog

Bring a couple of poop bags if you plan to take them to the golf course. The last thing that you want is to have another golfer step into your pet’s waste. Don’t forget to keep an eye on them to see if they’ve done their business somewhere so you can clean up after them later on.

As much as possible, have your dog poop and pee before you hit the course, especially if they’ve eaten right before leaving the house.

5. Tire your dog out

A dog with pent up energy can spell trouble. Even if your dog is well-behaved most of the time, if your dog has too much energy, they can start misbehaving on the course. Try walking or running with your dog in the morning to tire them out. You can also engage them in rough play to really get them to spend their energy. If you do it right, your dog should be able to sit still on the golf course–maybe even enjoy an afternoon nap while you’re playing.

When To Not Bring Your Dog To The Course

As a pet owner, you should be able to know your dog best. Thus, if they tick yes to more than a few of the following questions, consider leaving your dog at home:

  • Does your dog tend to bark at squirrels and other wildlife?
  • Is your dog not trained enough to follow voice commands?
  • Does your dog tend to run loose when they are unleashed?
  • Does your dog have a history of violence against people or other dogs?
  • Will your dog run after golf balls?
  • Does your dog have anxiety with new places or new people?

Don’t bring your dog to the golf course if you think they’re not ready. Instead, leave them at home or at the course’s doggy daycare.

However, if you’re not sure about your dog’s temperament on a golf course, you can bring them to a dog-friendly course to see how will they react. Just remember to keep them leashed.


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