Since the launch of online poker, there have been other variant forms of online poker such as Texas Hold’em, speed poker, pot-limit Omaha, Caribbean stud poker, video poker, casino Hold’em, dominosqq among others. these variant forms of poker aim to lure new players into the gambling activity or to boost the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, the overall objective of online gambling is to make more money through games such as the following.


Domioqq is a modified version of Chinese dominos by the people of Indonesia. This game has also been made online for the reasons of attracting more gamblers and widening the gambling market to make more money.

Rules of Dominoes

Like any other game, dominos is governed with rules whereby a player is advised to understand before committing to the game. The first rule is to know the tools used in Dominoqq and this involves knowing the number of dominos used. There are 28 double-six dominos in play at the start of the game. The domino players are to put a certain amount of money in a pot. The amount of money put into the pot varies depending on where a participant is playing making the bet either high or low. After all, participants have placed their bets in the pot, the dealer offers them 3 dominos.

Game Participants

The participants in the game look at their dominos and are left with 1 out of 4 options to do. If a previous better arises, the players can call, raise or fold, but if there was no previous better, they bet again. In a case where only one person placed a bet in the first round, the winning pot is his/hers. If more than one person placed a bet, then the players who did not fold are dealt a fourth card. After the card has been dealt, a final round of betting is carried out. It is during this final round that all players who did not fold are to show their hands and the person with the highest hand takes the winning pot.

Cards are then put in pairs and the second digit of every pip is added with the highest digit in a pair is 9, hence the name of the game qui qui. However, 3 hands give higher scores than pairs of 9. The other one hand is above non-special hands but still below doubles of 9. For instance, if the pips total to 4,5,6 or 7. Additionally, another ‘special hand’ is when you are holding 3 doubles which are called a ‘kid’ and the fourth is alone. In a case where two players have a straight and a double, the higher double wins. If both players have straight and no double, the higher straight is the winner.


Dominosqq is a game that brings many people together and comes along with a lot of experience to learn from. More practice creates a deeper understanding of the game and makes the game even more enjoyable as it gets easier to play.