Are you a die-hard sports fan? Do you want to stream sports for free? This article will provide you best five streaming platforms to stream live sports for free. Go check this out.


Sport is one of the most popular mediums of entertainment in the whole world. Most of us are sports lovers and don’t want to miss any of the matches. There are two traditional ways to enjoy sports. Firstly, you can go to the stadium to watch directly and secondly, you can watch it on television. 

However, now the system has been upgraded. You will get different online sports streaming sites that offer all types of live sports. Most importantly, where many of the streaming platforms provide free services. That means, if you have an electronic device like a smartphone, tablet, computer, notebook, etc., you can easily watch your preferred match from any corner of the world in real-time. 

But now the question is where can you stream live sports for free? In this article, we are basically going to find this out and help you in streaming live sports. So, if you are interested, keep reading and check out the guide. 

Where can I stream live sports for free?

You can stream live sports on many sports streaming sites. In recent age, there are so many options you will get to choose from because lots of new streaming services are being enlisted. We have gathered the best five sports streaming platforms and detailed information. You can choose any of these to stream live sports for free. These are as follows:

  • ESPN:

ESPN is a very famous platform for all sports that you must have if you are a sports lover. This website offers many types of sports content including live matches, highlights, match analysis, and many other related things. You can read articles, watch video commentaries, and check out different rankings here. ESPN is considered a sports encyclopedia in which you will get everything you want regarding sports. Basketball, baseball and American football are also provided there. 

It is available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS which means you can enjoy it on any device you want. The Main limitation here is, that you will not get access to the stream live sports if you purchase the premium package. On this site, everything is free except live stream. For the premium package, you have to spend $7 per month. 

  • Fox Sports:

Fox Sports is an additional way for cable and satellite users so one can stream any type of sports when he is not around a television. It was launched in 2013 and now they are offering regional fox sports, YES Network, Fox Sports Midwest, and Prime Ticket. This platform is totally free to stream. You just have to log in through your TV provider. 

The main limitation of this streaming service is you must be signed up with a provider to get access to the stream. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this. However, Fox sports is easy to navigate and very user-friendly interface for even beginners. Besides, it is very easy to switch this streaming service from one device to another. 

In addition, you can view up to four games at the same time by using the split-screen feature. Some ads may bother you in the streaming but the overall experience is good enough. Notably, Fox Sport is not available in many countries in the world. In that case, you need to use VPN to get access. 

  • SonyLIV:

This streaming service is supported by Sony which is the best option for people who loves soccer game especially. It provides high-definition sound and video quality the streaming. You can also easily stream the NBA, tennis, MotoGP, UFC, cricket, and WWE through this platform. You will get a live scoreboard and a very easy-to-navigate user interface here. Besides, Sony LIV also provides its application for both android and iOS. Here the main drawback is, that most of the contents are provided from India and that is why the language works like a barrier here. Besides, Sony LIV may be unavailable in some countries. In that case, you may need to use VPN for streaming in your country. 

  • Facebook Watch:

It is the easiest way to stream any kind of program including sports by your Facebook account. Here, only a limited number of official streamers are available that your can watch. But you can stream sports to enjoy with others. If you are a baseball lover, you can watch MBL games during the regular season on this platform. It is a completely free platform where you can stream with just an account created. To stream on Facebook, go to the Facebook website or open Facebook app and go to the watch page. 

Then click on the search bar and select the live filter option. If you want to watch a specific sport, you can search for it on the search bar also. You will have lots of functions here. In the Facebook stream, you will get the option to live chat which will allow you to chat with the other viewers. However, the streaming quality is not that good. But considering all other features, you are getting an overall good package here.

  • Stream2Watch:

In Stream2Watch, you will get both sports streaming and live TV option. It doesn’t own any content to stream. This platform just shares links to other authentic sites which will allow you to stream. Most of the links they share are reliable. You need to create a free account on this website to get access to all these features. This streaming website provides different types of sports streaming including boxing, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, and cricket. 

Here, the limitations are, that sometimes you may get some links that are broken and some invasive ads can be shown. However, the best part is, that global sports events are freely available here. You will also get the app of Stream2Watch on both Google Play Store and Appstore.  


Most people are now dependent on the live stream for sports. There are mainly two reasons behind it. First of all, it is very easily available and secondly, these platforms are affordable or in many cases full free. However, all streaming platforms are not good to enjoy sports. That is why here we have given a detailed guide on where can you stream live sports for free and shared five authentic and efficient platforms which are mostly free. Hopefully, this article will be very helpful for beginners who are new to online streaming. Have a good day.