The NFL is continuing its efforts to penetrate more market share, and London will play
host to more NFL games in the 2019 season, the league’s United Kingdom office announced last month. 

Four games are set for 2019

Three NFL games were played in London this year. 

The games in the past few weeks have once again demonstrated the incredible
passion of NFL fans in the UK  NFL Executive Vice President of International  Mark Waller said The support of our stadium partners, the Mayor of London
and the Minister for Sport gives us a great foundation for further development
of the sport and the ability to give our fans even more NFL games in the coming

So far to date, there have been 24 regular-season games played in London since the
league began scheduling games there in 2007. Only three of the NFL's 32 teams have  made at least one London trip.

So far no teams have been announced, and they did not disclose the game dates either. 

What we do know is, two of the games will be played at Wembley Stadium, with the
others at the stadium being built for Premier League team Tottenham, who are still
strong contenders for EPL title, based on UK’s betting expert predictions. Some think all
the games being played in London is just the precursor to London having its very own NFL team.

If London will eventually have a team, this could change a the UK sport
market in general and sport betting field (that is an important aspect of sport in the UK)
specifically. Many of the fans would want a chance to place a wager on the games, so the
betting industries take this matter into consideration

Eventually the NFL will want teams in other places, with London and Mexico City being
at the top of the list of destinations, so bookmakers will also follow up these events for

As long as they embrace the games, I’m pretty sure once the NFL permanently plants
itself in London
, it should take off.