If you are a roller skater or a rollerblader, you may have at some point wondered which is easier between the two. The answer is not as simple as some would believe. Roller skating and rollerblading share many similarities, but they also have a few distinct differences. Getting to the bottom of this would take a lot of consideration of the many features of each. 

The real answer lies in the purpose for which the activity is embarked upon because the two of them are great for different purposes. To understand what is easier between rollerblading and roller skating we must first get a grasp of the difference between rollerblades vs roller skates.

Usually, roller skates suit younger children better because they are a bit easier for children when their muscles are not yet developed. At this stage, they may move a bit slower and have trouble with coordination and standing upright. This is why the roller skates would suit them better. On the other hand, adults and teenagers have an easier time with inline skates because of their agility and speed, especially outside doors. That said, the difference is not significantly great.

The most obvious difference between roller skating and inline skating is the wheels. Beginners usually find it easier to stand upright when using roller skates. This is because there are left and right wheels on either side of the foot, so there is more stability. This is why they are more suitable for younger children who already have trouble with coordination.

That said, it is usually easier to move in multiple directions when using inline skates. Roller skates are usually forced to go in a straight line because of the parallel wheels, so it may restrict the skater‘s movement.

Inline skates also have a back brake which many find to give a natural motion as the skater applies force to the heel while extending the leg. On the other hand, roller skates usually have a front brake requiring the skater to drag the foots applying pressure simultaneously, but this is really a matter of personal choice.

As similarities go, both of these skates require that you keep the knees bent so that you can become familiar with the wheel’s movement as you attempt to balance. They also both have a learning curve at the beginning, so it would be wise to take things slow as a beginner. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it rollerblades allow you to go move freely with more speed. Also, similar is that you need to learn how to stop on both of these skates.

Both rollerblading and roller skating incur the same amount of risk. They are not particularly dangerous but it is not impossible to incur injury, especially as a beginner. Studies show that only a small amount of inline skaters suffered a severe injury that required hospitalization. Skaters were shown to have fewer injuries than soccer players, basketballers, and bicycle riders.

Many of the inline skater and rollerblade injuries happened to the wrists lower arms. roller skating in particular usually causes injuries in the shoulder, ankle, and elbow. You can expect it to happen when you bump into other skaters on the skating rink. or you may lose your balance while you are skating.

If you are skating outdoors then rollerblades may suit you better. Although you would need to be careful of small stones guessing lodged between the wheels and causing have them to stop so that the inline skates don’t move freely. This would most probably cause the skater to fall over.

Generally, people go outside with rollerblades more often because of the speed and agility to be had. There is actually less friction on the wheels because of the way they are arranged. The main reason is that rollerblades allow the skater to travel further distances when they are outside.

To Sum it Up

You can choose either roller skating or rollerblading based on your personal preference or the purpose of this activity. For children, you should consider allowing them to have roller skates as it provides more balanced. As they grow older you can introduce roller blades into the equation. By that time they would be ready for roller blades.

This may be good practice for adults beginners as well. It is not unheard of to start skating with rollerblades but if you have reservations then you can begin with roller skates until you got a feel of the activity.