The phenomenon of sports betting has now arrived in every corner of the world, becoming a real business that bills billions of dollars and our country, as usual, is the country par excellence for sports betting.  Today, accessing a sports betting platform like Winf is quite easy for everyone.

The bettor’s profile

The average profile of anyone who bets in sports (especially football) is a male (in 85% of cases), with an age of around 43 years. He has a level of education that can be defined as medium-high and in most cases (79% of cases), and he owns a job. It is interesting to note that female bettors are also progressively increasing: in fact, 15% of the total bettors are female. According to experts, however, this percentage will be destined to increase so much that in advertising dedicated, for example, to online betting platforms; the presence of women is increasingly frequent. The average betting figures vary greatly depending on the type of medium used. In bets placed directly in authorized points, the average bettor plays at least 13 times in a month with a total expenditure of approximately 57 dollars every 30 days and an average of four events played each time. The forecasts of the industry leaders tend to consider the sports betting market in general and football betting provided by Winf, online, more specifically, as an area in strong expansion.

Sports betting predictions

Also thanks to the economic recovery, it was predicted that the average monthly amount of football bets will increase exponentially and has increased exponentially today, supported by various platforms like Winf. But is this increase offset by an increase in player protection? The answer for now cannot be positive, in many respects. First of all, the conspicuous presence of unofficial sites on which it is possible to place bets and bet money; the player, enticed, bets money, giving his bank and credit card details, with the considerable risk of not diligently keeping his data, which is thus stolen.

The advent of technology

But, with the increasing presence of new technologies, now omnipresent in everyone’s life, especially the youngest, let’s think, for example, of Smartphones, Tablets, etc. to play, just click on one of the many applications that can be downloaded. Wherever you are, you can bet money by simply clicking a button on your mobile phone or tablet. There are many sites such as Winf that provide “everything” online.

The risk, especially for younger subjects, is that of not actually realizing the money that is actually being played and lost, eventually finding themselves in a situation from which it is difficult to get out of even committing extreme gestures that they truly regret.

The world of sports betting is truly vast today, between the possibilities of physically betting in various betting centers, there is the figure of the Bookmaker, who in a nutshell has the task of managing the bets and setting the odds of them. The figure of the bookmaker in the last few is gaining a lot of share as a job, but the basis to become good is to have a great knowledge of both the sports world and the various and many mathematical formulas, in particular statistics and probability.

So are you ready to bet? Just try Winf!