Fall is here and we are starting to feel the cool breeze of winter. Wearing comfy sweatshirt, drinking hot chocolate and the desire to just lay in your bad all is the best thing about this season. But here’s one thing more you can do go cherish this season and that is camping! Going to some hilly area and being around nature is one of the best feelings. Camping is always a fun activity and it becomes a beautiful experience if you do it in winter. If you are going on a winter camping then we have some tips for you.

1. Take your time to pack your clothes! 

It’s winters and the temperature is gonna below so make sure you have all the required clothes and accessories.  Pack all the jackets, with leg warmers, sweaters, gloves, woolen hats, boots and other winter essentials. You seriously don’t want to be cold all the time and miss all the fun. Avoid cotton and shorts when you are packing.

2. Stay hydrated 

You may not feel thirsty or need of drinking water but you can be dehydrated in the chilly winters too. Make sure you drink enough water and keep hot bottler water.

You can also take some coffee or tea that will keep your morning fresh and keep your energies so that you can go hiking or wander around.

3. Don’t forget about your sleeping bag.

It is the most important thing if you are going camping. A right kind of sleeping bag will help you sleep better and protect you from cold. If your sleeping is old then you can buy thermal sleeping bag liner, it won’t cost much and will keep you warm by 10 degrees. For extreme cold weather, they will need to have an o degree sleeping bag.  Another benefit of sleeping bag liner is that it’s not that heavy and won’t add extra burned. Also, don’t forget to bring a sleeping pad, it insulator that will trap your body heat and it’s also comfortable.

4. Don’t hold your pee!

Winter makes us lazy and no one wanna get up from a cozy sleeping and go to the woods to urinate, in this situation people often hold their pee and just seep. But it is not a good idea, your body will burn extra calories try to hold your bladder. If you are in a very chilly area then you can keep a bottle with yourself so that you can pee in your tent, well does sound gross but it is the best idea. Also, try to avoid drinking just before going to bed. 

5. Be safe!

The first thing you should do when you are going camping is to choose a camping site, make sure it’s safe and secure. Choose a flat land father then top or bottom of the hill. And if it is a snowy region you might wanna stay at the packed snow region as it is a better insulator than loose snow.

Keep striker with yourself to start a fire as it is more reliable than a matchstick or lighter (they go damp easily) so that you can keep yourself warm and enjoy born fire.

When you camping in winter it takes a little more planning, make sure you are ready and have everything you need or listed above. Happy camping!

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