We are talking about the fitness tips from Conor “Notorious” McGregor. It hasn’t been long when the person rose as a start and in no time, he was famous like some Hollywood top celebrities. His precision in the ring and attracting antics on the outside has made him into the star he is today. There is a reason behind this popularity, Forbes put him on 4th position in the list of 100 richest athletes. Now you might not like him because of the show-off and trash talk or not even know of him but there is more to him than hooks and jabs. When it comes to health and fitness, he knows what he’s doing. Hell, the tips below are really good.

Know the limits

More than becoming fit lifting heavy weights sort of becoming an obsession for many. Maybe they do it for the views or just to attract some eyes or it is just the adrenalin that consumes their mind but the thing is you should know your limits. Everyone has limits and we break our limits but pushing it too far can be dangerous. Look for symptoms and don’t put too much load on the body right away! If you are planning to start MMA training whether it be to become a professional or not always train in proper MMA gear.

Overtraining is a real thing, losing to Diaz was an overtraining thing, says McGregor. It is a very important thing just feeling tired is not it serious overtraining can cause injury, sickness, etc. So, what is it? This is when you are not giving the body time to recover properly. Exercise will make the adrenalin rush the body but you have to stop as you start feeling tired even a little. That is the time to stop, hydrate, sleep, rest to get the fuel needed for the next day.

Bring variety to your workout

Some people are circling in the same routine but MMA is not about just one thing. Its MMA and you are good when you are good at different styles. Bringing variety in your workout and training will not only make you good at other things and help in becoming better MMA artist but it will not let muscles get used to the workout meaning they won’t get fed-up. Intense workouts followed by proper recovery time is the key.

Bring mobility to muscles

Humans are the only animal don’t stretch their body after waking up. It might not be complete truth but the point is “stretch your body.” We all age, it cannot be stopped and with time we lose our flexibility which increases the risk of injuries. Stretching bring back muscles in the mobility game that makes them stronger to withstand and recovery. Researches also support this theory after proper tests.

Proper workout

There are a time and a place for machine workout. However, if you want to build strength then your body is the only weight and machine you need. Sure, you can add some weights sometimes to the workout. Never workout in your regular clothes, not because you will get them damaged with loads of sweat but because you can damage the body, here is an MMA gear and apparel workout collection.

No complicated diet plans

Don’t complicate things, it’s like you don’t have to keep track of what you eat and calories but getting yourself into macro counting and counting each grain you eat will make you fed-up with the diet and workout itself. A number is good but getting fixated on it is exhausting. McGregor “I just try to eat clean and good, keeping that meat and greens with carbs that I need. Sweet potatoes and butternut squash etc. When it comes to gaining muscles, diet is most important so it should be on point, no cheating in that. This is more than half the battle rest is workout and rest.