Looks like Zion is feeling some pre draft lottery regret, and spilling the beans on his thought process. 

In a recent interview with Franklyn Calle of Slam, the young star explained how he didn’t want to leave University,  but how he felt he had to. 

“You get this college experience once,” Zion said. “If you’re in a situation like mine, where you’re one and done, I’m just trying to make the most of what I got. I love Duke, and honestly, I don’t want to leave. If I didn’t have as much at stake, I probably would stay for another year. But I can’t.”

Williamson then went on to talk about how his dream has always been to be in the NBA.

“Being at Duke was a dream come true for me. Everything about it. Looking to the sidelines, Whoa, that’s Coach K I’m playing for! Coach K is looking at me [and] telling me I’m built for this moment. I have a true brotherhood on and off the court. Everything was just a movie,” he explained. “This was the best year of my life. So if I could come back for a second year I would, but unfortunately that’s just not the reality we live in. The reality we live in is [that] my ultimate dream is the NBA. It’s what I’ve been dreaming about as a kid so I have to pursue that. And I have to take care of my family.”

No one is going to question Zion for leaving college to make millions in the NBA. 

The guy is physically NBA ready,  and being in the spotlight for the last several years, should be able to handle the media attention that goes along with being the #1 overall pick. 

Now we just have to see who ends up with the #1. 

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