The dust hasn’t even settled on the 76ers disappointing season and folks in Philadelphia are already talking about what moves the team needs to make this off-season. 

According to NBA insider Tom Haberstroh, some of the talk around the league involves a possible LeBron James for Ben Simmons trade.

Via NBC Sports:

It’s early in that process. Leonard’s shot just fell through the net. But one Western Conference executive brought up a name that could be a Simmons trade target: LeBron James.

“I think they very well might explore that,” said a rival executive of Philadelphia.

After breaking down how a Simmons-LeBron trade could go down, Haberstroh then says that Ty Lue might have his eyes on the head coaching job in Philly should it become available.

There’s another wrinkle to this: Ty Lue turned down the Lakers job for a reason. He felt he could get a better job elsewhere. He’s holding out for something. Could that job be Philly? It’s not available at the moment. But there’s more than just a little chatter about the Sixers and the Lakers being potential trade partners this summer. Crazier things have happened in this league than Lue and James on a Sixers sideline next to Embiid.

It’s hard to tell if this is a case of Haberstroh connecting the dots or if Lue might have heard the same thing about a possibly LeBron to Philly trade. 

One thing that does seem likely is a Sixers coaching vacancy, so Lue may end up in Philadelphia, even if LeBron doesn’t

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