To quickly burn fat and calories, perform HIIT cardio, consume probiotics, more protein, and fewer carbs. Add vinegar to diet and try intermittent fasting


Want to look good and stay fit in the upcoming year 2021? But worried if you can lose that extra fat in such a short time? 


Then you have got nothing to worry about. Because it is completely doable and we are going to help you achieve that goal.


During this lockdown, almost everyone has accumulated excessive body fat, and it has become quite hard and disappointing to keep a track of your weight.


People typically assume that losing weight is all about long and tiring exercise at the gym and having a strict diet routine. Though it is true, even the smallest amount of daily effort will create substantial differences. 


In this article, we are going to give you some amazing and easy tips to burn calories and fat faster and lead a happier life. 


1. Perform Regular Cardio

A successful way to kick start fat burning is aerobic exercise. This type of exercise pumps the blood and burns off excess fat and requires very little time.

It also boosts the function of your lungs, strengthens the heart, and reduces stubborn belly fat.


HIIT cardio is a brief duration of very high-intensity cardio exercise that is considered to be highly effective in burning huge amounts of fat. Continue your HIIT cardio regularly to reduce significant weight.

2. Make Probiotics Part Of Your Diet

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are found in human digestive systems and benefit our health in many ways, including enhancing mental health and immune systems.


You can increase the number of probiotics in your body with the help of the right supplements and food. These can significantly increase the speed of fat burning. But there’s no need to rush it; find out about the best probiotic supplement available in the market that is known for high effectiveness, as not all work in a same way.


A study on 15 respondents showed the positive sides of increased probiotic intake. The study showed significant weight loss and reduction in body mass index and fat percentage.


Another study claimed that high probiotic supplements help prevent further weight gain amongst people with a high-calorie and high-fat diet.


Yogurt contains probiotics, especially Lactobacillus fermentum, and research is done on 28 people stating that consuming yogurt containing fermentum was responsible for 3-4% fat reduction in the human body.


Items such as tempeh, kefir, natto, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are packed with nutrition and probiotics. You can also try out various supplements like the Meticore supplement on FitnessBond for natural weight loss, enhanced metabolism, and lower levels of blood sugar.


3. Strength Training Is Extremely Effective

Your body becomes more productive at burning fat when you include strength training in your daily routine. 


Wondering why it is so helpful? Because even after the workout is complete, the body continues to lose calories and fat. These exercises are mainly weight lifting and others such as planking and lunges.


You should also perform intense team sports to build energy, reduce fat and uplift your mood


4. Consume Herbal Tea

The advantages of green tea along with other herbal teas are no longer hidden.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most recommended weight loss drinks, filled with potent antioxidants called EGCG & catechins. It Boosts your metabolism the fastest way and helps you to burn cholesterol.


Green tea is one of the planet’s healthiest drinks and is thought to have many health benefits, including cancer prevention.


Oolong Tea

The oolong tea is a well known and traditional Chinese tea. It speeds up the metabolism in our body and further speeds up the fat burning process to reduce weight.


This light, floral tea contains catechins that enhance the capacity of the body to burn the extra fat and even reduce anxiety.


Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea contains high antioxidant properties that strengthen the immunity and productivity of your metabolism system.


Several scientific research has shown that people can help improve weight loss and avoid obesity by drinking hibiscus tea.


5. Consume Less Carbohydrate

We consume a lot of refined carbohydrates which have no good qualities and since they are just excess sugar, they only harm our body.


Then there are processed carbohydrates, which are responsible for creating extra fat & glucose that our body cannot burn easily. Then regular exercise is needed.


Regular exercise with less consumption of carbohydrate will enable to burn that excess fat and glucose in your body.


6. Consume More Fat & Protein

You may think the title is misleading. Believe it or not, according to various studies consuming healthy fat prevents weight gain.


Our body requires healthy fat too. These fats make you feel whole, reduce your levels of cholesterol, and help you gain enough energy. Your appetite is fulfilled by consuming healthy fats instead of foods rich in sugar and keeps you away from eating unhealthy and harmful substances.


Avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil are some sources of healthy fat.


Protein is a crucial nutrient with lots of multi beneficiary impacts. It also fulfills the needs of our body, reduces unnecessary cravings, and assists in weight loss.


7. Vinegar Has Immense Benefits

For health benefiting qualities, vinegar is very popular. According to some studies, increasing your vinegar intake may help bump up the level of fat burning.


In addition to its possible effects on heart health and blood sugar regulation, drinking 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar daily decreases the body weight, belly fat, and average waist circumference of people and reduces appetite too.


According to a small study conducted on 11 people showed that consuming vinegar daily can help to burn up to 275 calories. 

You can mix apple cider vinegar with your water and just drink it after breakfast or lunch. You can also use vinegar as sauce, dressing, or marinades for your food.


8. Fiber For Fat Loss

Soluble fiber takes a long time to digest since it absorbs water and moves slowly through our digestive tracts. Which makes us feel full. That is why a lot of studies suggest that merely consuming high-fiber foods can prevent us from gaining additional weight since we will feel full for long after consuming fiber.


A study found out that since consuming fibers decreased hunger, 14 grams of fiber each day resulted in a 10% decrease of calorie intake, and in four months it was linked to a weight loss of up to 4.4 pounds.


Fruits, legumes, vegetables. Whole grains, seeds, and nuts are ideal sources of high-quality fiber.


9. Never Skip Breakfast

People in a rush are frequently seen skipping breakfast. Or if they’re lazy, they take their breakfast late during the day.


There is evidence found that shows skipping breakfast regularly can lead to weight gain. Some people skip breakfast hoping that by skipping a meal they would lose some calories but most of the time they end up consuming more food throughout the day. 


Studies have even shown that teenagers with a higher BMI or body mass index usually skip breakfast.



Breakfasts are there to help gain and preserve energy early in the morning which you use throughout your day. If you miss it you will only be consuming more calories because of hunger.

10. Stay Hydrated

Did you know that the feeling of hunger we encounter is often the early stages of dehydration? 


Staying hydrated helps minimize snacking or consuming extra food. It makes you feel full and raises the level of energy.  The general guideline for water intake is 8 glasses per day.


Try adding some freshly squeezed lemon to your water if you don’t want to drink plain water or have seasonal fresh fruit juice.  


Stay away from sugar or additives, and alcohols, which are very harmful to your body and will make you more fat.


11. Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting means that you give yourself a fixed period of fasting before having a meal each day. 


You can try fasting for long periods like 7-8 hours a day or make a consecutive routine where you only eat after 5 hours and do not eat anything in between.


For instance, if someone wants to try a 20/4 hour fasting routine, he/she would have to eat nothing for 20 hours and leave a small window of 4 hours to consume meals and distribute the necessary calories.


12. Get proper sleep

Sleeping is one of the most comfortable yet significant ways to reduce obesity and excessive calorie gain. Lack of proper rest increases our food cravings and also makes the metabolic system slower. 


The effect of insulin in our bodies greatly deteriorates if we do not get proper sleep, which contributes to increased fat accumulation. Sometimes work may get in your way but do not allow it to make you sleep deprived. Even while working from home, try to maintain some of the health tips we mentioned above.


Inadequate sleep also makes your body more tired, makes you less productive. Less exercise and less productivity mean burning less fat.


Final Thoughts

All these tips we mentioned above are very easy to follow and not just burn fat and calories, but also uplifts your mental state. Try out these healthy practices and make them a part of your everyday routine to ensure a happier life.