The approaching Rugby World Cup is slightly different from the previous editions of this popular event. This is the first time when the games would be held in Asia. Japan has been confirmed to be country acting as the host for the games. The details related to broadcast have been the talk of the town because all fans want to watch the event live.

If you are also a huge fan of Rugby, you would know that the 2019 Rugby World Cup is an event that is highly anticipated and you cannot afford to miss it. Just like the other fans of Rugby, you would want to find out how you can catch up with the live games as they happen. Here, we are going to share some ways that will allow you to watch Rugby World cup via TV, radio and streaming services.

1. Go to a friend’s place

This one comes as a no brainer. Just visit a friend who will welcome some company while he watches Rugby on his TV. He must have subscribed to one of the channels which have been authorized to broadcast this wonderful event. Take something along to enjoy during the game, like popcorn, cake or beer.

It will be a lot more fun for both of you than having to watch the game alone. You could scream and shout all you want. You will be able to comment on the ongoings of the game and be expressive about your emotions as the game progresses.

Get more friends over when you two are at it and make it a 2019 Rugby World Cup fan party. The more, the merrier. Just be aware that there may be other people in the house and they should not be getting bothered by all your screaming and shouting, they would, however, love to join you guys if they also happen to be Rugby fans.

2. Live to stream

NBC Universal channel is a great option to catch all the live action on live streaming. You can watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you need is a good internet connection. You can also subscribe to other media streaming services like Fox Sports and other channels that will be broadcasting 2019 Rugby World cup. You can also search the internet to find some free streaming services that may be broadcasting the games live.

One particular we would like to mention is This site will be broadcasting all the games live, and what’s more, it will be free. Well, what it means is simple, point your browser to this URL, lay back and enjoy the games with popcorn or beer, whatever it is that you like to keep you full and content while you watch the game.

You could throw the display on your television and get to enjoy the games on a bigger screen. This will also allow you to invite friends over to watch the game with you. After all, it is more fun to watch the games with your best buddies.

3. Go to a bar that subscribes to channels showing the game

This is an idea that a lot of people may get, so be ready to face some crowds. The bars will be jam-packed. The aura at the bar will be out of this world though. You will find folks having drinks at the bar and watching their favorite Rugby teams fight it out. Everyone would have a favorite they will be rooting for. Drinks make it better. People get rid of all their inhibitions they enjoy the game. You can get a beer or your favorite drink and become part of this mad crowd.

You will see lots of hooting and shouting. People will be clapping for everything. They will be shaking their heads at every move they do not like. It gets very engaging. It will be even better if you go to a sports bar that has big screens and many of them, so you could watch the game on multiple screens. This will be an awesome experience. And what is more, you did not have to pay to watch the game. You do not even have to buy a drink if you don’t want to.

4. Gather at a community location showing the game

It is not at all uncommon for city governments to set up common viewing areas whenever such a big event is happening. It helps the citizens bond together as they chat about the state of their city and politics while the game is shown on the giant screen. Such gatherings usually happen in open spaces like parks, so carry a folding chair and an umbrella with you.

You can even get something to spread on the ground if you prefer sitting down. There should be some vendors selling refreshments there, or you can carry your supply of food and drinks. You can go there with your friends and family to make it a fun event for all of you to spend time together. There may be some distractions tough as kids would be running around the park, but hey, why complain when the game is free to watch.

5. At your local sports club

If you are a member of a sports club that subscribes to the channels broadcasting the 2019 Rugby World Cup, you get to watch the games for free. All you need to do is how up until at the club. If there is a gym attached to the club where they have TVs showing the game, that would be even better.

You can get your exercise routine done while watching the games. Just make sure you are not on the treadmill and watching the game, it may get very dangerous if you are a bit too engrossed in the game while running.

The club would have made some special arrangements during the screening of games, enjoy those goodies while you are there. There could be free snacks and soft drinks. You will be able to make friends at the club, or you may run into old time friends at the club making this a special meeting. You can bond over the game of Rugby.

You may find a group of enthusiastic fans who will be making the most noise. That is the corner you want to be in to get the most enjoyment out of watching the game. It will be almost like being there. There is food, drinks, friends and the game.