ESPN’s radio show “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” was covering the first pitch of Opening Day as the Miami Marlins faced off against the Chicago Cubs. Cubs outfielder Ian Happ hit a home run on the very first pitch of the year, leaving the Miami-based show to devolve into hysterical laughter at the Marlins misfortune.

Unsurprisingly, Le Batard and company got a good laugh out of the Marlins misfortune to start the year. Through hysterical laughter, Le Batard called out “Welcome Derek Jeter! And that concludes our Marlins coverage for the season!”  

Le Batard, the biggest sports media guy in Miami, has not been shy about throwing shade towards the Marlins this off-season. I see what they’re doing as a total rebuild. 

These things take time, and they’re definitely going to stink for a while That being said, I believe in the power of Jeter, and in due time, he’ll turn around the sinking ship.