“So many things went wrong with my debut, I end up having sex two hours before the fight,” he told iFL TV.

“I got horny, man, I ain’t even gonna lie, I had my wife in there with me and you just start thinking freaky thoughts.

“That’s why it ain’t good to have your partner in there with you, but for me, I like the company.

“I like being around family, especially the ones I love, giving me motivation to do what I got to do when it’s time.

“With that right there, that’s a mindset you have to overcome, my mindset — I didn’t care, I thought I’m going to get this p***y you know what I’m saying.”

“I said this was going to be my good luck charm because when I do things like that, I have sex, it doesn’t weaken me, it doesn’t make my legs a certain way, it actually gives me energy,” the KO artist said.

“It’s just like with medicine, different people’s body reactions is different, that’s the unique part of our body and the way it works.

“With me, sex gives me energy, that’s why I was able to go in there and blast him out.”

Wilder secured a second-round TKO victory over Cox at the Memorial Gym in Nashville, Tennessee.

Whatever works. 

Just not heavy costumes. 

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