The San Francisco Giants have a “Balldude/Balldudette” program they run for home games each season.  The program allows fans to serve as ballboys or ballgirls during home games.

The Giants Balldude/Balldudette Program was created more than 20 years ago as a unique way to involve fans in the on-field action. During each home game, the team designates two people to don Giants uniforms and field foul balls to hand to children in the crowd. As the first MLB team to use adults in this role, the program began as the “Senior Involvement Program” but now includes a broad range of folks, ages 21 and older.

Fans serving as balldudes or balldudettes can lead to some incredible moments.  One of those incredible moments took place during Thursday night’s Rockies and Giants game.

An elderly man, who was a ballboy and trainer for the San Francisco Seals from 1948-1955, was tasked with manning the right field foul line.  He put on a show chasing down a foul ball in the bottom of the first inning.

The Giants won the game 1-0, but Don the balldude stole the show.  Let’s hope the Giants bring back the grandfather of 10 in the near future.  Baseball could use a few more amazing moments like this one.

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