Cryptocurrencies are reaching all parts of the world, including sports, since you can already pay from the gym fee to a soccer player with them

Bitcoin may have ushered in a new era in technology. Virtual currencies are becoming a common form of payment wherever you go. In fact, it has already been the case that a football club makes a signing paying with this type of currency, which is an important precedent for the sport.

How are e-sports different from fantasy leagues?

The most obvious difference here is that professional players are usually not interested in managing a fantasy sports team, but they are good enough at Dota2 to compete professionally. They have honed their gaming skills to an advanced point and do not allow anyone to tell them that the hours they have spent playing count as time wasted. 

Why use Bitcoin to gamble on electronic sports?

Some of the spectators may be interested in betting on their favorite professional players. These are guys who are usually used to the idea of ​​paying with digital currencies that have real-life money value, especially if they’ve played World of Warcraft. Thus, it seems natural that fans of electronic competitions may want to use cryptocurrencies to gamble.

The central part of using BTC to gamble on electronic sports is that these are not games of chance like slots or craps. The only problem here is that you will want to play your bets with reputable houses as some fraudulent sites in betting have a bad habit of making withdrawals difficult or just disappear. For example, you can choose a house for betting with Bitcoin in electronic sports from our list above.

Above all, the central purpose is to have fun. Using BTC to gamble means taking a risk on your part, but it also makes you feel like you’re more involved in the competition. For a Bitcoin user who is also familiar with the world of professional gaming, it is also more fun than some traditional soccer or basketball game, which lost the interest of the Bitcoin user and the player a long time ago. Read all about cryptocurrency

Sports betting are not just a gambling passion for fans, but an entire industry with its own rules. For a long time, all bets went through bookmakers and specialized exchanges, and betters were a relatively small group of people. However, the development of digital technology has taken online betting to a new level.

With the advent of betting, anyone can bet on a particular outcome of the game without leaving home. Digital currencies have made this process even easier. Cryptocurrency payments attract users with their decentralization, anonymity, lack of large fees and speed.

Why the first cryptocurrency not only become on a par with traditional did means of payment, but is used in rates much more often than other digital assets? Of course, one of the main advantages of Bitcoin is its historical superiority. The fact that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization already causes users much more confidence than even the most popular altcoins.

How cryptocurrencies flooded the sports industry

Blockchain also enter in the world of the bitcoin. Blockchain completely change the world of sport. Now it becomes easy to play sport by paying with the buitcoin.

Blockchain already allows everyone to get deeply involved in the world of sports at the same time that clubs, athletes and fans reach agreements. A win-win relationship wherever you look at it.

In fact, millionaire deals have already been made to tokenize clubs and athletes in various sports, including soccer (football), American football, basketball, tennis and Formula 1. Thus, the tokenization of sport allows people from all over the world to finance and market their favorite athletes, exchanging and trading tokens in a completely transparent way.

Football (soccer) the most popular sport in the world paralyzes the world every four years. Not surprisingly, more than 3.5 billion people were able to tune in to the last 2018 World Cup in Russia, according to an audit by the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA).  Now it is possible to put bitcoin currency in these games.