Via GQ’s Cam Wolf:

Squidward is a shooting guard. He’s the most selfish one. He just shoots his own shots. He doesn’t care what’s going on.

SpongeBob is really like… positionless. He can play the 3/4, go to the 1.

Mr. Krabs is like the power forward. He’s literally the muscle of the group. He’s always giving different business ideas on how to spend money and like, “The Krusty Krab is the best ever!” and he’s competing with the Chum Bucket. He’s like the Charles Oakley. Weight god who’s coming in, but there are also teaching moments in it.

The sneakers will be dropping on August 10 via Nike’s SNKRS app.

For now, they’re the only ones with official release dates (a select few sneakerheads were actually able to secure the shoe via early release today but that window has long since closed). However, there are still three more shoes in the lineup. 

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