With online gambling websites slowly overshadowing brick and mortar casinos day by day, many still argue that online casinos are still unable to replicate the thrill and buzz of an actual casino hall. Thanks to technology, most land-based slots machine have been morphed into digital games, which further expands punters’ choices. Both options surely do offer the same form of entertainment, but what distinguishes the experience we get from spinning reels in a world-class gaming facility, from playing hundreds of video slots from the comfort of our homes. And as we know new technologies are born in Japan, a great example is Casino-X where you can see high-tech slots. Below are the pros and cons of both online and land-based slots.

Land-Based Slots – Pros

Gamblers who are familiar with playing actual slots either in real life casinos or bars can agree that there is a unique feeling that comes spinning actual reels and the suspense of waiting for your winnings to be displayed. Also, there are a couple of classic slots games that haven’t made their way to the cyberspace, which are widely found in land-based gaming houses. 


There is a high chance that the odds are not in your favour when playing actual casino slots. Land-based casinos cost a lot of money to run, and how they manage to stay in business is by making sure a lot of gamblers don’t cart away their money. Online casinos, on the other hand, are cheaper to run, thereby you are most likely to win more while playing virtual slots. 

Online Slots – Pros

To start with, online slots are widely accepted majorly because of how convenient and accessible they are. Because they are just a click or tap away, more players are naturally drawn to them. All you need to do is register on the daftar slot joker123 and you can start playing the game without any delay. Whether you are playing from your computer or smartphones, you have instant access to numerous online slots machine without leaving the comfort of your home without spending extra on taxi fares or plane tickets. 

Online slots also come in a massive variety. No matter how large a land-based casino slots collection is, it can’t compete with what is available in most online gambling platforms. That said, it normal to derive much more thrill and satisfaction from where you have various options. To even make it more fun, most online slots come with more free spins features than actual slot machines. 


The downside of playing online slots is that there is always a great risk of having an addiction problem. Because they are available 24/7 it is possible to play online slots for an unhealthy amount of time while losing track of time and sense of the real world.