Via The Athletic:

“I’m always suspicious when I hear a guy like Cooper took less money than he could have got from another team when the dollars are at the top of the market,” an exec said. “I’m not convinced the Redskins were willing to pay $20 million a year. Teams get bluffed in free agency. You have to be willing to say, ‘Here is what we are willing to do.’ Amari Cooper, $20 million? To me, it should be no more than $15 million with all the receivers in the draft and what the veteran receivers were getting in free agency.”

“It comes back down to, how many guys are really difference makers?” another exec said. “That is who you pay the top of the market to. I’m sorry, Amari Cooper helps, but he does not tilt the field. He has not shown up consistently. You can say a lot of negative things about Antonio Brown, but he was a difference maker.”

The rest of the league is clowning the Cowboys every time they overpay for a player.  I can’t wait for the anonymous NFL executive takes on Dak Prescott’s new deal, whenever that finally happens.

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